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School Security

Online, Bullying Risks Build Up

Students are under ever-increasing pressure to perform academically, to navigate complex social scenes in school and online, and to keep safe.

Pennsylvania’s new Safe 2 Say Something school threat reporting system generated more than 23,000 tips in its first six months of operation, with submissions via mobile app, website, and tip line. Most reports were not about threats of violence toward schools or other people. Instead, bullying, self-harm, and suicide were the most common concerns brought forward.

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The Faults in 5G

As the world prepares for the final rollout of 5G, some nations are better poised to address the security vulnerabilities that come with the new generation of bandwidth.

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Sneak Peek: The December Issue

How Hotels Stay Welcoming in the Age of Social Media Confrontations

SM December cover image.jpgComing 1 December 2019
Hospitality security professionals are increasingly confronted by the dark side of social media. Security teams are trying new methods to mitigate reputational risk and teaming up with other stakeholders to fortify their organizations from posts and videos that are capable of opening businesses up to liability, bad press, and lawsuits.

Focus on Active Assailant

Active Assailant, Unarmed Officer

Active shooter attacks often end when the perpetrator is apprehended or killed by law enforcement, or when the attacker commits suicide—rarely do assailants run or escape. Having security guards onsite may mitigate the chances of an attack, but this type of embedded response is no guarantee that the attacker will be deterred or stopped.

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Breaking News

New York City Blackout Officials of Con Edison, which operates the city’s power grid, said there was “a significant electrical transmission disturbance” at 6:47 p.m. on Saturday that left 72,000 of its customers on the West Side of Manhattan without power until late into the night. But they provided scant insight into the underlying cause of the failure, which came on the 42nd anniversary of one of the most infamous blackouts in the city’s history.

Focus on Cybersecurity

How to Bridge the Gap

Once siloed, cyber and physical security teams are now working together to address corporate risk.