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October 2019: Designing Security with CPTED, Plus Entertainment Security

How does the new screening center at the Washington Monument enable security without compromising visitors’ experiences? Jill Cavanaugh of Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners in Washington D.C. breaks it down. Plus, Stevan Bernard and SM Highlights host Chuck Harold discuss the state of security in the entertainment industry—from piracy to location risk assessments to talent protection.

September 2019: Adaptable Leadership, Foreign Fighters, and Retail Security

Can security leaders learn adaptability? SM Highlights host Chuck Harold sits down with Bill Cottringer to learn more about leadership, social skills, and communication styles. Also in this episode: Scott Stewart on the threat of foreign fighters returning home and Alan Greggo, CPP, CFE, on retail security resources and best practices.

August 2019: What I've Learned - Honest Leadership and Lifelong Learning

Cathy Lanier, the senior vice president of security for the National Football League (NFL) and former Washington, D.C., chief of police, discusses lifelong learning, mentorship, and honest leadership in this bonus SM podcast, part of a special series on management and leadership from the ASIS Mentoring Committee, part of the ASIS Professional Development Council.

August 2019: Rethinking Business Continuity, Plus Transnational Cybercrime

Brendan Monahan, Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Council, breaks down how to keep increasingly complex businesses rolling when crises hit. Plus Michael Breslin of LexisNexis Risk Solutions outlines current trends in transnational cybercrime and investigations.

July 2019 Bonus: How Culture Affects Organizational Resiliency

Malcolm Reid, CPP, explains how security professionals can embed resiliency within the culture of the organization to remain adaptive, robust, and agile. Read more about how culture influences resiliency in the July issue's News & Trends department here:

July 2019: Border Security Burnout, Plus Modern Management and Leadership

Jason Piccolo, CPP, stops by to discuss hiring and retention crises for border patrol agents and what surprising change can be made to help mitigate burn out. Also, Mark Tarallo of Security Management discusses modern leadership qualities.

June 2019: Hospitals and Hurricanes, Plus Executive Protection Assessments

How do hospitals handle hurricanes? Keith McGlen, CPP, CHPA, stops by to discuss how Houston healthcare organizations subscribe to a philosophy of preparedness. Plus, Wesley Bull of Sentinel Resource Group outlines potential conflicts of interest and entanglement risk in executive protection programs.

May 2019: Building an Enterprise Security Program, Plus GDPR Fines

When building a global security program, flexibility is the secret sauce, says Don Taussig, CPP, director of global security services at Land O’Lakes, Inc. Plus, Andrea Limbago, chief social scientist at Virtu, stops by to break down GDPR regulations, loopholes, fines, and how U.S. data privacy regulations compare.

April 2019: Security Leadership, Mentoring, and Career Planning

“Focus on influencing. Because oftentimes what we’re doing, especially in the CSO role, is we are leading leaders.” Joe Olivarez, VP, global security for Jacobs Engineering, discusses leadership and career paths with host Chuck Harold in a special bonus SM Podcast, brought to you by the ASIS Mentoring Committee.

April 2019: School Security After Parkland, Plus Proactive Surveillance Tools

A year after the Parkland shooting, school security remains an ongoing challenge that can’t be solved with legislation and technology alone, says Jason Destein, chairman of the ASIS International School Safety and Security Council. Eddie Sorrells, CPP, PCI, PSP, stops by to explain how security leaders can use surveillance as a proactive tool, not just a forensic one, and to debate the value of analytics versus the human element. Plus, Rose Miller discusses the value of the CPP certification to her career path.

March 2019: The Threat of Incels

March cover story author Steven Crimando stops by to break down the rising threat of Incels and how to recognize people on the path to violence. Plus, James Morris, CPP, discusses the benefits of certification and starting the first ASIS International chapter in Ghana.

February 2019: Career, Management

Host Chuck Harold talks with Basil Steele about his long tenure in security engineering at SANDIA National Labs. Steele offers advice for thriving in a meaningful career for more than three decades. The February podcast also includes the first of a special series on management and leadership from the ASIS Mentoring Committee, part of the ASIS Professional Development Council.

January 2019: School Security, Security Officers

ASIS Book of the Year author Steve Van Till, president and CEO of Brivo, stops by to discuss his award-winning book. Plus, school security with Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers.

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