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Physical Security

Disease Outbreak: Security Resources

The coronavirus outbreak (also known as COVID-19) has had a major impact on the security and business continuity of organizations with significant ties to China. It has also created global travel issues, and its potential spread is a good reason for organizations to re-examine their plans in case a pandemic hits a geographic region vital to that organization’s business interests.


security guard recruiting

How to Hire from a Distance

Emerging technology, changing client demands, and multigenerational staff management were already changing the hiring process for security staffing companies. Then COVID-19 came along.


How to Better Initiate a Lockdown

Jericho Union School District in Long Island, New York, adopts a solution by dormakaba to improve its security and enhance its lockdown process.

Four Travel Safety Tips for Minorities

Four Travel Safety Tips

When traveling to another country or region, business travelers can suddenly find themselves in the minority. Here are four things to keep in mind to minimize travelers’ personal risk and increase operational security while abroad.

Is Iran Playing the Long Game?

After the United States killed a key Iranian leader, Iran retaliated with its own strike. But some say more retaliation may be in store, so experts are advocating for heightened security.

Calgary Transit Surveillance

How Calgary Upgraded Transit Surveillance

Calgary’s evolving surveillance system is a unified security platform that merges IP security systems into one interface, offering security operators more detailed information from high-definition cameras.

Is Security Converging?

New research by the ASIS Foundation indicates that full convergence of physical security, cybersecurity, and business continuity is not commonplace.

Converging Event Security

Between active assailant attacks and cyber threats, consumers are increasingly leery of attending large-scale events.

Shoplifting, Inc.

In recent studies, many retailers say risks like organized retail crime are now a higher priority.

A Security Revolution

After a 2015 shooting, the Dallas Police Department knew it needed to enhance its lobby security to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

Retailers Prepare for Active Assailants

After the 2007 Trolley Square Mall shooting, retailers planted the seed for DHS’s active shooter preparedness tools. Now, they strive for a more tailored approach to emergency management.


Today in Security: Trump Orders More Federal Agents into Cities

U.S. President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that federal law enforcement agents will be sent to more cities, including Chicago and Albuquerque. The cities' leaders are at least skeptical, if not flat-out opposed, to the decision.

Today in Security: PG&E Pleads Guilty to 84 Deaths

On 16 June, Pacific Gas & Electric pled guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter for its role in the 2018 Camp Fire. The plea deal means a $3.5 million fine but no jail time for executives of California's largest utility provider.

Today in Security History: Victory in Europe

On 7 May 1945, celebrations have begun throughout Europe. Years earlier, however, the race to collect intelligence had begun—coupled with counterintelligence measures—key determinants in deciding who would win World War II.

Today in Security: Porch Piracy

'Tis the season for holiday shopping and thieves snooping around your doorstep. With U.S. consumers expected to spend about $136 billion in online purchases between 1 November and 31 December, a 13 percent increase from what was spent during that same period in 2018, package thefts are on our minds as over 30 percent of shoppers have reported a theft happening within the past year.