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Physical Security

Security Design 101: Best Practices on Complex Design Elements

Designing and implementing an efficient security solution is a process that demands meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. By using a systematic approach, organizations can tailor security infrastructure to meet their unique needs.
Effective security designs involving multiple systems, process engineering, or complex integrations require an organized, cross-functional approach. By following best practices rooted both in technical and governance approaches, these design projects can result in successful deployments.

Dive into Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Protecting Houses of Worship

Extremism Against Places of Worship Extends Across Faiths

Extremists are becoming more brazen in their tactics and more expressive in their ideologies, committing acts of violence throughout the world at houses of worship, burial sites, and other historically significant places.

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Focus on Retail Security

Diving Beyond Boosters into Organized Retail Crime Rings

Boosters, people who steal select merchandise, are the most visible aspect of organized retail crime. But new initiatives and investigations are attempting to shed light on the other players involved to hold them accountable and deter future criminal activity.

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