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February 2023

The ‘New Normal’ of Risk Goes Back to Basics

What’s old is new again. Or at least that’s the sentiment in an annual global survey where basic supply chain and rising cost of living risks took the highest positions, showing that nations are taking an increasingly isolationist approach to addressing local risks with international consequences.

“Our global ‘new normal’ is a return to basics—food, energy, security—problems our globalized world was thought to be on a trajectory to solve,” according to The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2023.

Illustration of a train on a bridge during sunset. The bridge and the sky are made of binary code.

Keeping the Supply Chain on Track

Cargo ships, trucks, and freight trains are vital for moving goods efficiently. But as they become increasingly digitized and connected, their attack surfaces expand, making these critical systems far more vulnerable to potentially crippling cyberattacks.

Illustration of a giant hand with a USA cufflink stopping a delivery man carrying a box with the Chinese flag on it.

The Semiconductor Conundrum

New American restrictions will significantly slow China’s chip efforts, but the effect will not be immediate, comprehensive, or ultimately permanent.

Can SBOMs Save the Software Supply Chain?

There are four key ingredients SBOMs need to strengthen their quality, to help organizations meet tomorrow’s federal software requirements, and, in turn, make the software supply chain secure by default.