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A figure wearing half a doctor's uniform with stethoscope and half security guard uniform with badge

March 2023: Buy-In Strategies

Profits from Professionalism: How Healthcare Security Teams Can Boost Revenue Potential

How does a single hospital security officer directly impact the revenue stream? By directly enhancing the quality and value of the patient experience.

This patient experience translates to higher scores which in turn translates to higher reimbursement compensation. We do this at an industry level by continuing to advance the security profession through education, training, professional organizations, and other best practices, but it is at a foundational level where an individual security officer can affect real change.

A person in a red jacket pushes the needle of a speedometer forward

How to Measure Your Risk Monitoring Activities

Well-designed and implemented security programs typically aim to be seamless and invisible. But when success means nothing happened, how can security teams better measure and articulate the effectiveness of their programs?

Strategies for Long-Term Buy-In: Start with the ABCs

The single biggest challenge many leaders face is getting people to do things they have never done before. And it's not a question of merely maneuvering and finagling until people take your side—it’s a legitimate trial of explaining a concept and outlining why it’s valuable.