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Illustration of a theif, dressed in black stealing a back of money and a binder of data from a smart phone. The smart phone has a glass door and its open.

August 2023

Protecting Privacy and Corporate Data on Employee-Owned Mobile Devices

Our mobile phones today contain many things we hold dear: our photos, our financials, our contacts, and more. We use our devices for everyday life, which can include our daily work activities. With a powerful handheld computer in many of our pockets, organizations must manage corporate data while protecting the privacy of employees across the enterprise.

Knowing where to start when protecting these devices is vital for ensuring data security while maintaining employee privacy. As an increasing number of employees use mobile devices for work, it is important for leadership to be aware that modern mobile devices come with mechanisms that separate personal and corporate data.

Infographic: What is SIM Swapping?

Fraudsters are increasingly using a technique that targets mobile devices to gain control of their targets’ financial and social media accounts. Here’s how it works and how you can prevent it.

Making Sense of Mobile Threats

Mobile devices are critical to moving corporate operations forward. They’re also becoming a more lucrative target for malicious actors looking for access to your network.