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Illustration by Security Management; Adobe Firefly

Marketplace: Transformational AI Camera Series, Browser-Based Access, Rugged LPR, and More

What security solutions entered the market this month? Security Management collected a selection of new or updated solutions that you should be aware of.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Onsite Learning Camera Line

i-PRO-WV-X22300---WV-X22500---WV-X22600---WV-X22700_D_L_i-PRO-300x280.jpgThe new X Series camera line from i-PRO Co., Ltd., can turn non-AI network cameras into AI smart devices through an AI Processing Relay feature, pulling in the non-AI camera feeds and overlaying i-PRO AI capabilities. This can extend the life of older IP cameras and improve their efficiency. Using AI onsite learning, the series enables users to teach cameras about the specific objects they want to monitor, search for, or track. The series includes 16 new camera models, including eight bullet cameras, four interior domes, and four exterior domes. Learn more at

Browser-Based Access Control

Sielox-ISCEast-Graphisc-300x150-V2.jpgSielox announced upgrades to its AnyWare browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution. AnyWare 2.2 delivers greater door capacity and security, regional I/O capacity, and enhanced reporting functions for improved efficiency. Users can now manage access applications with up to 64 doors using 32 controllers, reducing IP network connections and simplifying installation. Learn more at


Compact PoE Adapter

Altronix-NetWay3024-P-300x250.jpgAltronix released its new NetWay3024P compact power over ethernet (PoE) adapter. The device utilizes a PoE+ port to provide simultaneous 24VDC and PoE/PoE+ over a single structured cable to a wide range of devices including PoE cameras, external microphones, sensors, control boards, switching equipment, and more. The adapter ensures reliable data and power transmission while simplifying installation. Learn more at


Multidirectional Cameras with Deep Learning

AXIS-P3735-PLE-300x240.jpgThe P37 Panoramic Camera Series from Axis Communications comprises three new cameras designed for wide-area surveillance, including up to 4*4K resolution at 15 fps per channel. The compact cameras can be recessed mounted for discreet surveillance or mounted in ceilings for 360-degree coverage. They include a tamper-resistant casing and integrated IP66-/IP67-rated weather shield. All four varifocal camera heads can be moved and rotated to provide an optimal field of view. Learn more at

Gateways for Field Deployments of AI and Analytics

Lumeo_Ready_Device-300x190.jpgLumeo announced the launch of “Lumeo-Ready” Gateways, which are production-ready devices that enable end users and integrators to quickly bring up and configure on-site hardware and then deploy a range of video analytics solutions on Lumeo’s customizable platform. The gateways come preinstalled with a Lumeo engine and user-friendly browser-based configuration. Device configurations support processing from eight to 50+ channels per device. Learn more at


Video Streaming Solution

EagleEye-QL-Stream-300x220.jpgEagle Eye QL Stream from Eagle Eye Networks is designed to power live, full-resolution, low-latency camera feeds to enhance local video viewing. The system securely centralizes and routes video from security cameras to multiple locations using Web, mobile, and cloud technologies. Use cases can include public displays of live video for crime deterrence, displays at a reception desk, managing drive-thru queues, or displaying live video in a manager’s office for operations. Learn more at


Rugged License Plate Recognition

ISS-Motus-Pro-702-2-300x220.jpgThe new SecurOS Motus Pro 702 camera series from ISS is purpose built for license plate recognition (LPR) applications in a wide variety of operating environments. Two of the four models in the series are available with built-in and remotely configurable infrared or white-light illuminators for increased deployment flexibility. The 702-E line also runs ISS SecurOS Auto LPR software at the edge to provide onboard class, make, color, and model recognition at speeds of up to 155 mph (250 km/h). The cameras feature an impact-resistant, IK10-rated aluminum enclosure, and they were designed to withstand intense roadway vibrations. Learn more at

Standalone Door Controls

Verkada-2023-11-02-AC12-MarketingAssets-FloatingHero-300x270.jpgThe AC12 from Verkada is a one-door controller that enables end users to secure standalone doors that would otherwise be difficult to manage. The device is powered by a single PoE cable and is designed to be installed above high-visibility building entrances, within drop ceilings, or in locations where larger controllers are unfeasible. The device supports native in/out badging and includes onboard compute capabilities to guarantee functionality even if the building loses power or Internet. Learn more at


Cloud Access Control Platform

Pdkio-MacAir-Devices-web-300x200.jpgProdataKey’s new version of its cloud access control platform, 2.0, offers expanded features, functionality, and scalability to support enterprise installations across multiple buildings or sites. In version 2.0, doors connected to disparate PDK Cloud Nodes can be managed as a single customer system, and credential holders can reside in a single database or across multiple locations. The system also features new system health monitoring and automatically elevates system issues to the top of the user view for immediate attention. Learn more at


Visitor Management System

Connected-Technologies_Connect-ONE_Visitor-Management_November-2023-300x146.jpgConnect ONE Visitor Management from Connected Technologies provides registration and preregistration features, collects data on access around the facility, tracks the whereabouts of visitors, and assesses the health and safety and individuals before they enter. The system logs data such as why the visitor is there, who they are seeing, which doors they passed through, and when they checked in and out. The system can also provide custom messages notifying hosts of the visitor’s time and area of check-in. Learn more at

Exit and Emergency Lighting Systems

Emerson-hex-led-group-300x320.jpgEmerson announced a new series of egress lighting—Appleton HEX LED Series—comprising exit and emergency exit signs, exit sign/emergency lighting combination systems, and lamps-only emergency lighting systems. The emergency models feature 90-minute battery backup, and the devices were designed to withstand exposure to corrosive elements, high vibration, heavy impact, and wide temperature ranges. The systems are also rated for safe usage in NEC Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations where flammable gases and vapors may be present. Learn more at


Ultra-Compact Media Converter

AMG260M-300x280.jpgAMG Systems introduced the AMG260M, an industrially hardened, ultra-compact, fiberoptic Gigabit Ethernet media converter, suitable for powering the latest high-power requirement PoE IP devices in difficult applications. The converter is produced in a rugged, thermally efficient enclosure designed to be DIN-Rail, wall mounted, or with a magnetic mount option. The line can operate outdoors in suitable IP-rated housing and in extreme temperatures. Learn more at


Fire-Resistive Glass

Vetrotech_CONTRAFLAM-One_Testing-1-300x220.jpgVetrotech Saint-Gobain announced that its forthcoming CONTRAFLAM One product has passed multiple rounds of extensive testing, ensuring that the life-safety product can withstand the heat and force of a fire. The new version of CONTRAFLAM fire-resistant glazing system boasts higher visible light transmittance, broader temperature resistance, weight savings, and 35 percent less embedded carbon than the previous generation. Learn more at


Deep Learning-Based Fingerprint Recognition System

Gallagher-Command-Centre-300x320.jpgSuprema launched the BioStation 2a system—a deep learning-based fingerprint recognition solution providing access control features. The high-performance edge device adopted an AI processor optimized for deep learning to deliver highly accurate and fast fingerprint recognition. The deep learning functionality enables the system to extract templates from low-quality fingerprints, such as those that are noisy or distorted. The device offers a range of credential options, including fingerprint, RFID, and mobile access. Learn more at

Security Site Management Software

Gallagher-Command-Centre-300x140.jpgThe latest version of Gallagher Security’s site management software, Command Centre v9, includes a variety of new features, including enhanced integrations with wireless control solutions, access control devices, and elevator systems, plus improvements to the Bulk Configuration Tool. An Aperio BLE enhancement enables Mobile Connect to be used at wired Gallagher readers and compatible wireless Aperio readers, providing added convenience to users by simplifying credentials. Learn more at


Wireless Gateway for Infrastructure

AlertWerks-300x550.jpgThe AlertWerks AW3000 wireless gateway from Black Box is built to support both long-range and short-range wireless communication, and it can be integrated into a range of wireless sensors, virtual sensors, dashboards, and analytics. The gateway actively monitors conditions, records on-site events, and automates key actions remotely to increase efficiency, prevent system features, maintain safety, and optimize the physical environment. Learn more at