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August 2022

A Liability Shift

Mass shootings in the United States are no longer rare events. As of press time, there had been 372 mass shootings—incidents where four or more people, not including the shooter, were killed or injured—in the first seven months of 2022, up from 272 total in 2014. The increasing number of these incidents is impacting how courts assess liability when a shooting occurs and security measures campuses should have in place.

Benefits of Humanoid Robotics in Guarding

Arguably, there is no emerging security technology since IP-addressable security devices on LANs and WANs that can change the nature of how commercial security is provided than AI-enabled robots. 

How to be Successful in Corporate Security Management

If you aspire to lead the development of physical and/or cybersecurity programs to protect the nation's critical infrastructure after serving in law enforcement, intelligence, or the military, then you first need to learn the language, operations, financial decision-making, supply chain, and customer service needs of industry.

Creating Smarter Schools with Smart Video Solutions

Schools across the nation—from K-12 to higher ed institutions—are facing a growing set of unique security challenges: unauthorized visitor access, vehicle entry and exit, student drop-off and pick-up, property damage, theft and the extreme and increasingly all-too-common scenario involving an active shooter.

Fast Facts: School Security Snapshot

In the United States, August and September are synonymous with returns to campus for students and faculty across the educational spectrum. Here are just some of the security measures in place for the back to school rush.