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Security Management covers a wide range of security-related topics including cybersecurity, guard force management, active assailant, and much, much more. Find out which editions of the award-winning publication align with your marketing-strategy needs.


January 2024

Lead Topic—Extremism and Political Instability
Launch: 1 January 2024
Terrorism, threat assessment, civil unrest, emergency preparedness, business continuity, security intelligence, OSINT

Also in January

K9 Security
Launch: 15 January 2024
Security canines, screening, bomb detection, security officers, patrols, perimeter security, security training, transportation, investigations

Healthcare Cyber Risks
Launch: 22 January 2024
Ransomware, hospital security, cybersecurity, risk management, convergence, medical device security

Editorial Deadline: 11/3/23
Closing Deadline12/1/23
Materials Deadline: 12/15/23

February 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: Electric Grid Security
Launch: 1 February 2024
Drones, counter-UAS, perimeter protection, resilience, critical infrastructure, utilities, energy, public–private partnerships, threat intelligence, nation-state attacks, surveillance, monitoring, access control

Also in February

Workplace Violence in Retail
Launch: 12 February 2024
Violence intervention, retail security, flash robs, crime prevention, de-escalation, video surveillance, audio detection, security robotics, bystander awareness

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Editorial Deadline: 12/8/23
Closing Deadline: 1/3/24
Materials Deadline: 1/16/24

March 2024

Lead Topic—School Security and Early Intervention:
Launch: 1 March 2024
K-12 security, education security, threat assessments, multidisciplinary risk management, mental health, security culture, crisis intervention, behavioral awareness

Also in March

Site Hardening
Launch: 11 March 2024
perimeter security, bollards, fencing, gates, security doors, bulletproof glass, access management, soft targets, workplace violence prevention

NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Launch: 18 March 2024
Cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, convergence, security frameworks, risk mitigation, security management, government security

Editorial Deadline: 1/5/24
Closing Deadline: 2/1/24
Materials Deadline: 2/15/24

April 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: Artificial Intelligence
Launch: 1 April 2024
Recruitment and retention, video surveillance, biometrics, access control, continuous monitoring, security alerts, incident response, emerging technology, security training, machine learning, algorithms, bias

Also in April

Cannabis Security
Launch: 15 April 2024
Crime prevention, retail security, regulatory compliance, video surveillance, audio detection, access management, asset tracking, drug testing, pre-employment screening

Concierge Security
Launch: 22 April 2024
Casinos, hospitality, guarding, license plate recognition, security training, hiring and retention

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Editorial Deadline: 2/2/24
Closing Deadline: 3/1/24
Materials Deadline: 3/15/24

May 2024

Lead Topic—Toxic Workplaces
Launch: 1 May 2024
Bullying, burnout, harassment, workplace violence, mental health, security management, soft skills, investigations

Also in May

Zoo Security
Launch: 13 May 2024
Crime prevention, video surveillance, perimeter security, fencing, asset tracking, emergency preparedness, facility security design

Audio Detection, Response, and Communication
Launch: 20 May 2024
Intercoms, gunshot detection, audio detection, speakers, audio response, alarm verification, mass communication

Editorial Deadline: 3/8/24
Closing Deadline: 4/1/24
Materials Deadline: 4/15/24

June 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: Sports Security
Launch: 1 June 2024
Stadium security, soft targets, executive protection, video surveillance, risk management, drones, screening, threat detection, crowd management, event security, public–private partnerships, travel security

Also in June

Deepfakes and Fraud
Launch: 17 June 2024
Fraud detection, trust, reputation security, threat intelligence

Food Safety
Launch: 24 June 2024
Restaurant security, food manufacturing, social media, insider threat, investigations, product tampering, counterfeits

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Editorial Deadline: 4/5/24
Closing Deadline: 5/1/24
Materials Deadline: 5/15/24

July 2024

Lead Topic—Physical/Cyber Convergence
Launch: 1 July 2024
Cybersecurity, security management, business continuity, security reporting, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, ESRM

Also in July

Resilience and Antifragility
Launch: 15 July 2024
Emergency preparedness, climate proofing, site hardening, risk assessment, extreme weather, crisis response

Editorial Deadline: 5/3/24
Closing Deadline: 6/3/24
Materials Deadline: 6/14/24

August 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: Robotics
Launch: 1 August 2024
Robotic guards and patrols, cybersecurity, data management, developments in robotics technology, alert management, first responders, life safety, hybrid security solutions

Also in August

Biometrics Myth-Busting
Launch: 12 August 2024
iris, facial, fingerprint, voice, and other biometrics, compliance, privacy, access management, identity management

Why Security Gets Sued
Launch: 19 August 2024
Regulatory compliance, security reporting, workplace violence, negligence, security training, security documentation

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Editorial Deadline: 6/7/24
Closing Deadline: 7/1/24
Materials Deadline: 7/15/24

September 2024

Lead Topic—Career Transitions from Public to Private Sectors
Launch: 1 September 2024
Security careers, law enforcement, public–private partnerships, career pathways, soft skills, leadership styles, certification, security training, recruitment and retention

Also in September

Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
Launch: 9 September
Healthcare security, security command centers, personnel management, video walls, video surveillance, emergency response, access control, building intelligence, automation

Bank Robberies
Launch: 16 September
Banking and finance, crime prevention, violent crime, incident response, armored vehicles, video surveillance, perimeter security, security training, mental health

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Editorial Deadline: 7/5/24
Closing Deadline: 8/1/24
Materials Deadline: 8/15/24

October 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: OSINT and Security Intelligence
Launch: 1 October 2024
Event security, risk assessments, extremism, civil unrest, mass protest, executive protection, security operations centers, privacy, social media monitoring

Also in October

Medical Emergency Response
Launch: 14 October 2024
Life safety, executive protection, security training, emergency evacuation, healthcare

Security Culture—Awareness, Training, & Behavior
Launch: 21 October 2024
Recruitment and retention, buy-in strategies, security training, organizational culture, management skills, communication, physical security processes and enforcement

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Editorial Deadline: 8/2/24
Closing Deadline: 9/3/24
Materials Deadline: 9/11/24

November 2024

Lead Topic—De-escalation and Conflict Intervention
Launch: 1 November 2024
Workplace violence, healthcare security, de-escalation training, mental health, crisis intervention, behavioral threat assessment, verbal abuse, office conflict management, stress management

Also in November

Launch: 11 November 2024
Facility design, higher education, campus safety, physical security, perimeter security, doors, landscaping, crime prevention

White Collar Crime
Launch: 18 November 2024
fraud, investigations, financial crime, occupational fraud, tiplines

Editorial Deadline: 9/6/24
Closing Deadline: 10/1/24
Materials Deadline: 10/15/24

December 2024

Lead Topic—Security Technology: Transportation:
Launch: 1 December 2024
Travel security, mass transit, video surveillance, guard force management, biometrics, emerging technology, convergence, critical infrastructure, incident response, threat monitoring, risk assessments

Also in December

Red Teaming and Penetration Testing
Launch: 16 December 2024
Third-party vendor security risk, threat assessment, vulnerability assessment, pen testing, continuous improvement, physical security, security benchmarking

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Editorial Deadline: 10/4/24
Closing Deadline: 11/1/24
Materials Deadline: 11/15/24

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