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June 2023

Building a Partnership for Protection: The Smithsonian and DC Fire 

The Smithsonian Institute is the largest museum in the world. It is responsible for protecting and preserving millions of objects and artifacts that help people better understand the world we live in. After a chance encounter at the National Zoo, the Director of the Smithsonian's Office of Emergency Management Eric Gentry and top leadership at the DC Fire and EMS Department established a partnership to better prepare firefighters to respond to incidents while enhancing protection of the Smithsonian's collection.

“It’s important to make sure the fire fighters understand the importance of preservation. That what we’re doing will have the least amount of impact to mitigate that incident,” says Mitchell Kannry, fire marshall and deputy fire chief of fire prevention for DC Fire and EMS. 

In an exclusive, Kannry and Gentry share how the partnership was developed, the familiarization process firefighters go through at the Smithsonian, and insights on the benefits of maintaining relationships.

June Podcast: Batteries that Burn

What's a thermal runaway? Adam Barowy from the Fire Safety Research Institute at Underwriters Laboratories stops by to explain the concept and fire risks from lithium-ion batteries in our June podcast episode.