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How to Become a Better CSO

A Pyramid of Skills: How CSOs Can Become Business Leaders

The skills needed to manage security professionals are not necessarily the same skills it takes to be a great security practitioner. So, security directors spend years developing risk assessment abilities, situational awareness, and knowledge of the “rings of security”—only to be told they lack the traits necessary to move up. In this series of articles from Security Management, members of the ASIS CSO Center aim to address this conundrum by sharing lessons around five primary competencies security leaders need to steer organizations in the C-suite and beyond.

How to Analyze Your Business

CSOs need to continually analyze the business and the direction it is heading so they can align the department’s security posture to meet the organization’s needs.

How CSOs Can Build Robust Risk Management Foundations

Effective risk management enables CSOs to ensure business continuity by identifying potential disruptions and developing plans to minimize their impact. This ensures that the organization can continue to operate, even in the face of unexpected events.

Think Ahead with Future Proofing

Future proofing is about identifying the long-term vision of your department, developing a strategy to achieve the vision, and obtaining the resources required to execute the strategy.