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What's the Value of ASIS Membership?

Become a member of ASIS international and be connected to 34,000 global security professionals to network, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships that will help you day-to-day and throughout your career. 

ASIS Members have access to and enjoy savings on a vast array of resources and educational content to keep abreast of the latest trends, global developments, and security innovations to mitigate risk and stay ahead of the curve.

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Member Benefits

At the heart of ASIS is a global network of 34,000 passionate members who together are driving industry standards & guidelines, specialized training, and certifications to advance security worldwide.

Join us and take your place in leading the future of security management.

Grow Your Network

Connect in meaningful ways and build a powerful network of support

Navigate Industry Trends

Stay informed on security trends and the global landscape to mitigate risks

Advance Your Career

Expand your expertise and raise your profile with valuable professional development offerings—enjoy substantial member savings

Share Your Expertise

Shape the future of security management while giving back to the profession

  • Volunteer through ASIS chapters, councils, and committees
  • Contribute industry articles, white papers, and research reports
  • Share best practices, security trends, and leadership insights at local chapter meetings, regional events, and GSX

Broaden your skills, expand your professional network, and help shape the future of the security profession for a more secure tomorrow—become a member of the ASIS community today.

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Membership Types and Pricing

Regular Membership

$195 (Plus a one-time $20 application fee)
$100 Emerging Market Level 1
$75 Emerging Market Level 2

Emerging Market Membership Dues Rate (optional) is available to individuals living in countries classified as upper-middle, lower-middle or low income by the World Bank; dues rates will be adjusted based on these country classifications and includes online only access to our Security Management magazine.**

View the List of countries identified as Emerging Markets by the World Bank.

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Student Membership

$20 USD for full-time students actively pursuing a security-related degree.

To qualify for student membership, you must be a full-time student actively pursuing a security-related degree.

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ASIS Membership cycle runs 1 January - 31 December.

NOTE:  ASIS chapters may collect additional dues and/or fees to support local programs.  Please contact your local chapter with which you are affiliated to confirm if it requires additional dues/fees.

Retired Membership

$100 USD available to individuals who have reached the age of 67 and

  • will enter full retirement from the security industry on or after January of the calendar dues year
  • are currently retired (no longer serving as a security professional)
  • are not a majority stakeholder in a security company
  • and have been a member for the immediate past ten consecutive years at the time they seek retired member status. 

Note: Verification required. Processing may take 2-3 business days. Upon approval, you will receive email confirmation and instructions to remit payment. 

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#MyASIS Membership Feature

Jerry Heying, CPP

"Some of the value of being a member of ASIS is first of all, I believe it's shaped my career. It's helped me tremendously. Particularly when I obtained my CPP, when I would go somewhere and hand them my business card and they said, oh you're a CPP, what do you need? So it's opened doors for me.

Many times, I travel all over the world, I've worked in more than 50 countries, I would go to the ASIS directory and look up a member - in particularly, one that was a CPP, and sometimes I'd blind call them and introduce myself, 'hi I am an ASIS member and I'm a CPP coming to your country, anything you can do to help me; I hope it's not a bother'.

But there was not once, ever, that an ASIS member didn't say, 'what do you need? I'm here to help.' I can do, you know, local information, things like that. It was a tremendous help for me as a security professional."

CSO Center Membership


The CSO Center brings together the most senior security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world. CSOs and senior security leaders gain access to the following benefits:

  • Expert-Led Content
  • Unparalleled Networking
  • Invitation-Only Events
  • CSO Connects Online Community
  • On-demand Benchmarking

Join this exclusive community of security executives helping shape the future of the profession.


"The CSO Center allows a lot of us to come together, like-minded individuals, to speak throughout the year and get to know one another."

— Michael Allen, CPP, PCI, PSP

Have you updated your ASIS profile?

To optimize engagement with ASIS—and to ensure that you receive content most relevant to your needs— please take 5 minutes to complete these 2 easy steps:

1) Log into your ASIS profile.
2) Under “My Account Links,” please review your Communication Settings, Contact Info, Professional Profile, and Social Links for updates and accuracy.

We also encourage you to review our privacy policy at THANK YOU!

Membership Terms

ASIS Memberships are based on a calendar year

Renewal – Invoices for membership dues renewal are due 1 January.

Suspension – Members whose dues are not paid 60 days after their due date will be considered past due and all services will be suspended. Membership privileges will be reinstated at any time during the remaining months of the year after full payment is received.

Termination – Members who have not paid membership dues for the current year are terminated on 1 January. When a member is terminated, membership continuity and seniority is surrendered. Membership privileges are not reinstated, but terminated members can apply for a new membership.

Security Management – Your annual membership dues amount includes $60 USD allocated for your subscription to Security Management and cannot be unbundled from your dues.  

Deductibility – ASIS membership dues (and dues paid to its chapters-if applicable) may be deducted as an ordinary business expense for members residing in the United States.

Code of Ethics – All ASIS members agree to abide by the ASIS International Code of Ethics.

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Security professionals can tap into the wealth of ASIS member knowledge whenever, wherever with our new Mobile Engagement app.

  • Portal for content and access to ASIS products and services
  • Ability to update your ASIS profile quickly and efficiently
  • Quick links to upcoming events
  • Easy access to key member resources such as Career HQ, Council Whitepapers, and ASIS Connects
  • Direct messaging between app users

Connect to a world of security at your fingertips.

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