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ASIS International's Committment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

At ASIS International, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are not mere concepts; they are fundamental principles deeply ingrained in everything we do. We understand that fostering a diverse and inclusive environment isn't just beneficial—it's essential for the success and resilience of our organization and the security industry as a whole.

Recognizing that DEI is an ongoing journey, we are committed to engaging our members in meaningful dialogue and action. Together, we are creating a future where every individual, regardless of background or identity, can thrive and contribute to our shared mission.

Shaping a Future of Inclusion

For ASIS, DEI is more than a passing trend or a buzzword—it's a journey we're committed to continuing. Join us as we shape a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than ideals—they're the bedrock of our community.

Shaping Tomorrow, Together

At ASIS, DEI is our compass, guiding us toward a future of unity and opportunity. We're dedicated to creating a culture where every voice is heard, every person is valued, and every opportunity is accessible.

Our six core principles are simple yet profound:

  1. We foster understanding and authenticity.
  2. We celebrate diversity.
  3. We ensure equitable outcomes.
  4. We respect all.
  5. We cultivate belonging.
  6. We uphold accountability.

We're actively shaping our DEI agenda to reflect member expectations and aspirations. These efforts are about more than just words—they're about creating tangible change within our community.

At ASIS, DEI isn't a trend; it's a journey we've been on this past decade, and one we're committed to continuing. Join us as we shape a tomorrow where diversity, equity, and inclusion aren't only principles—they're our reality.

ASIS Resources

Discover ASIS International's wealth of resources dedicated to DEI, ranging from publications and sessions to webinars and industry articles.

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Find Your ASIS DEI Community

DEI Community

Step into the dynamic world of ASIS Connects and become a part of our thriving DEI Community. Here, security management professionals converge to sculpt a more inclusive industry landscape. Through standards, guidelines, certifications, and a wealth of learning resources, we empower our global network. Our mission? To cultivate genuine connections, honor diversity, and champion uniqueness at every juncture. Together, we forge a path where strength lies in our unity.


ASIS offers an open community with resources tailored for helping educate and develop those freshly stepping into the security industry. The NextGen Community also offers a forum where all can learn from security thought leaders and experts while highlighting opportunities, programs, and events.

Women in Security

Consider becoming a member of our Women in Security Community. Here, you can find support, assistance, and inspiration among both women in the industry and those dedicated to supporting female security professionals. While the group’s benefits and programs are aimed at women, all members are welcome to apply.