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DE&I Initiatives


ASIS International's DE&I Initiatives

Since 2016, we have been on a journey to think beyond what was known at the time in many ways. The Association looks at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) as an element woven into all its activities and not something that is supplementary or stands apart. Further, DEI efforts are approached from a global perspective and strive to uncover blind spots lead to rich understanding and builds a culture that is better for everyone involved with the Association. As a global organization, ASIS recognizes that members have different perspectives about DEI and will need to be actively engaged in the journey toward inclusivity.

About DE&I at ASIS

About DE&I at ASIS

As a continuous learning organization, ASIS desires to focus its DE&I efforts on activities that support the organization, continuing to think beyond from what is and where we are, to what is possible for our future. As we learn, we will test, evaluate, and modify activities. Finally, the association will measure its progress and celebrate successes along the way.

Our guiding principles for DEI efforts include the need to:
  • Develop a better understanding of each other across the association and create an environment where people can be themselves;
  • Create opportunities to celebrate similarities and differences as well as opportunities to inspire;
  • Deliver better outcomes for everyone;
  • Treat people with respect;
  • Develop a culture of belonging; and
  • Create a sense of commitment and accountability.

In 2020, ASIS President Godfried Hendriks appointed a volunteer task force to partner with ASIS staff with the goals deliberating the merits of DE&I and determining how it related to the association's development and culture. At the same time, an internal ASIS HQ task force was formed to ensure the operation mirrored expectations for the membership. These two teams, working together, are dedicated to creating, promoting, and supporting diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities of security management professionals, ASIS chapters and volunteer leaders, and ASIS staff members. In these environments, every individual is welcomed into the community and accepted and valued for their contributions, able to achieve their full potential without barriers.

For ASIS, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not fads. This is a journey that we have been traveling on and learning from since 2016. It is also a campaign that ASIS will deliberately continue to incorporate into the association's future.  

ASIS Resources

ASIS Resources

Explore the resources that ASIS International has developed that are linked to aspects of DE&I, including publications, sessions, webinars, magazine articles, and more.

Member Benefits

ASIS offers various exclusive benefits to its members, with some aimed at improving the industry and making it more equitable and accessible. 

Meet the Community

ASIS members can join the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Community on ASIS Connects. The group will work towards building a global community of security management practitioners, assisting them with standards, guidelines, certifications, knowledge, and learning opportunities. It will also work to ensure connectivity and to engage individuals in an authentic way where uniqueness is valued, respected, and supported through opportunities and interactions.

We remain strong together.

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