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Protection of Assets (POA)

POA eBook Bundle

Take advantage of POA's valuable content anytime, anywhere with the Protection of Assets eBook bundle.

About the POA

In order to keep pace with our industry as it evolves, the Protection of Assets (POA) bundle has been updated to reflect our changing times and keep security professionals on the leading edge of best practices in the field. This six-volume collection is intended for a wide readership, including security management directors and professionals responsible for corporate asset protection.

This invaluable resource—in existence since 1974—is considered to be the security industry’s premier resource. Written, edited, and updated by hundreds of veteran subject matter experts across the security continuum, it includes recommended reading for all four of ASIS’ certifications, and is a general resource you will return to for years to come.

Once you have this highly respected industry resource at your disposal, you’ll have the information you need to deepen your well of knowledge and gather the data to make the “business case” for security to internal and external stakeholders, strengthening your organization’s resilience and capacity to assess and mitigate risk.

Individual Volume Details

The new six-volume POA set includes:

Business-Principles-Book-Cover-Graphic.pngBusiness Principles 
New in the 2021 edition of the POA, Business Principles covers the fundamentals of security business operations, management, and leadership.


Crisis-Management-Book-Cover-Graphic.pngCrisis Management 
The Crisis Management volume covers topics including emergency management, business continuity, and crisis communications. In 2021, the new edition has been expanded to address security challenges through the use of checklists and best practices.


Personnel-Book-Cover-Graphic.pngPersonnel Security 
Personnel Security is your essential reference for managing your entire security workforce, including content from the previous Security Officer Operations volume, new guidance on managing roles such as data analysts, and additional content from the Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline. This expanded volume also addresses training non-security personnel, drug testing of employees, executive protection, and spotting problem behavior.

Physical-Security-Book-Cover-Graphic.pngPhysical Security 
The Physical Security volume is the essential sourcebook for the physical security professional. It will help lay the groundwork for successful physical security projects in any situation, including the underlying concepts of security risk management, effective and efficient security practices, design principles and practices, specific tools and techniques to satisfy protection objectives, and practical project management guidance. (This volume replaces the Physical Security Principles book giving security professionals one comprehensive, go-to reference for physical security rather than two. This volume is recommended reading for the PSP exam.)

A must-read for anyone interested in improving their investigative knowledge, Investigations covers both basic and advanced techniques including investigations management, interviews and interrogations, undercover investigations, due diligence, preemployment background screening, evidence collection, expert testimony, and more. (This volume replaces the Professional Investigator’s Manual giving security professionals one comprehensive, go-to-reference for investigations rather than two. This volume is recommended reading for the PCI exam.)

Security-Management-Book-Cover-Graphic.pngSecurity Management 
The updated Security Management volume includes guidance on theft and fraud prevention, security standards, loss reporting, ethics, and much more—with new expanded content on enterprise security risk management (ESRM).

Download "Workplace Violence Preparedness Checklist"


The Workplace Violence Preparedness Checklist is an excerpt from the POA: Crisis Management volume of the Protection of Assets.

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Why revise the POA?

Last revised in 2011, the POA volumes have been updated to address the latest challenges, standards, and best practices of the security profession. An update also provides updated recommended reading for all ASIS certifications and serves as the premiere security industry resource.

Who is updating the POA?

A group of ASIS volunteers selected from a variety of stakeholder groups including Councils/Communities are working to update the volumes and to write an additional volume on business principles in security. The ESRM Community is also contributing material that will serve as the foundation of the POA as well as editing all volumes to ensure that the ESRM perspective is reflected.

A team of editors from Security Management along with an ASIS project manager are guiding the initiative. In early 2020, this team connected with a variety of subject matter experts including the following ASIS Councils: Crisis Management and Business Continuity, ESRM, Defense and Intelligence, Executive Protection, Human Threat Management, Intellectual Property Protection, Investigations, Physical Security, and Security Services,

While not all of these groups are represented in the final roster of volunteers, representatives from the Investigations and Crisis Management and Business Continuity councils provided significant content to the revision team.

When will other reference materials, such as the CPP Flash Cards, be updated to reflect the contents of the updated POA?

Once the updated POA has been released, work will begin on updating the other materials. They will be released in an expedited manner.

I purchased the old POA within the last year to study for the CPP exam. Will I get a refund so I can purchase the new version?

No. However, anyone who purchased the previous version of the POA from July 2020 to May 2021 (when the new print version was completed) will receive a free subscription to the new POA eBook upon its completion in July 2021. That subscription will be active for an entire year (from the time the subscription is processed). If the customer wants a printed version of the new POA, they will need to purchase it.

**The POA eBook is in the process of being completed with an expected arrival by mid-June 2021.**

I bought the POA and related materials to study for an ASIS certification exam. Do I need to start studying all over again once the new POA is published?

No. When any of the certification exam’s reference materials are updated, the Professional Certification Board, as well as subject matter experts, review all exams items that are referenced to the old version. They will take existing test questions and re-reference them to the new version. If a test question cannot be re-referenced to the new version, that item will be retired and will not appear on the exam.

As new items are written, they will be referenced to the new version but will be pre-tested on future exams as unscoreable. This allows ASIS to determine if the new question is performing correctly in the field. Only when the item’s performance is deemed appropriate is it finally made “scoreable” on future forms. This entire process takes about a year, from the time the new reference is published to when there are new scoreable items on the exam.