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Global and Regional Governance

2024 Global Governance Details

ASIS volunteer leaders are the heart of ASIS. ASIS is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive volunteer community and providing opportunities for security professionals around the world to participate at the highest levels of strategic leadership supporting our regional and global boards of directors.

The Global and Regional Boards help determine and support the direction for ASIS International around the world or in their region. The Nominating Committees identify and select officer and director candidates to serve on ASIS Boards.


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Global Governance FAQs

Want to know more about global governance – what it is and how you can participate? Check out our FAQs.

Who is eligible for Boards and Nominating Committees? 

Ideal candidates for a Nominating Committee or a Board must have been a member of ASIS and have served as a volunteer in a leadership role (Chapter Chair, Chapter Vice Chair, Community Chair, Community Vice Chair, member of the PSB, PCB, Foundation BOT, CSO Center Board, etc.) for no less than 5 years.

What are roles and responsibilities for Board Directors?

The Global Board of Directors provide strategic guidance, high-level oversight, and resource allocation for global direction of the organization. This is the ultimate fiduciary body of the organization, and its primary function is to determine resource strategy globally.

Regional Boards of Directors, reporting to and working in concert with the Global Board of Directors, determine the business plan that meets the needs of members in a specific region in alignment with the global strategic plan that is locally, regionally, and culturally relevant. Regional boards carry out strategy, policy, and standard operating procedures in their respective regions.

Here is a full list of competencies for a Global or Regional Board member.

What are the roles responsibilities for Nominating Committee members? 

The Nominating Committees will identify and select officer and director candidates to serve on ASIS Boards who meet the desired competencies and characteristics identified for the overall composition of the Board. They will ensure that the selection process is properly implemented as prescribed in the association’s policies.

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Meet Your 2024 Global and Regional Boards of Directors





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