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Prepare for Test Day

Are You Ready for Your Exam?

ASIS board certification validates your security expertise, gives you a competitive edge, and elevates your professional standing—but first you have to take the exam. We strongly encourage you to review test day requirements carefully so you’re ready for success.

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Have You Scheduled Your Exam?

ASIS certification exams are offered year-round in-person and remotely. All exams are administered by Prometric—learn more and schedule your test today.
  • To take the exam remotely, please review the FAQs to ensure you have the technology to successfully take the exam on your own computer.
  • To take the exam at a Prometric test center, first go to to locate the nearest testing facility.
Whether you prefer to test in-person or remote, you’ll need the following to schedule your exam:
  • Your Eligibility ID, which can be found on your Authorization to Test letter (your ASIS Contact Number or Member ID)
  • The first four letters of your last name (surname)

Once your exam appointment is confirmed, Prometric will send you an email with your exam time and confirmation number. Make sure to save this information. You will need the confirmation number and two (2) valid government-issued photo identifications with signatures before you are permitted to test. Proper ID can include a driver’s license or passport. Social Security cards are not accepted. The name on your identification MUST exactly match the name of your confirmation email.

What You Need to Know

In-Person Testing

As noted above, you’ll need to bring your exam confirmation number as well as two (2) valid, signed, government-issued photo IDs to the test center for verification.

Prometric advises arriving at least 30 minutes before your exam time to complete the check-in process.

Review Prometric’s frequently asked questions to learn more about scheduling, test administration, and more.

Remote Testing

Remote assessment is a convenient testing option but necessitates that your system requirements and workstation meet the ProProctor requirements.

Before the exam, you’ll run a system readiness check to ensure your computer is compatible with the ProProctor application. You can then download and install the program and complete further system testing.

On test day, login 15 minutes early to complete your check-in process online, including showing your photo IDs*, guided by a live agent. Review Prometric’s frequently asked questions to learn more.

*For online testing, IDs will be photographed. Any identification that is not permitted to be photographed, such as a military ID, should not be used as one of the two required government-issued photo IDs.

Remote Assessment Checklist

Avoid a stressful test day or canceled exam by preparing your computer and workstation ahead of time. Follow these Prometric-approved steps and visit Prometric for more information and program downloads.

Before you schedule your exam:

✅ Be sure to have VPNs and firewalls disabled
✅ Run a system check
Due to increased security protocols, we strongly recommend NOT taking the exam on a company-owned computer.

Before test day:

✅ Review the Prometric ProProctor™ User Guide
✅ Download and install the ProProctor application
✅ Launch the ProProctor app
✅ Login using your confirmation number and last name
✅ Conduct an enhanced system check

On test day:

✅ Have your valid government issued ID ready
✅ Have your registration confirmation details ready
✅ Ensure you have a private, test-ready space
✅ Launch the ProProctor app at the designated start time
✅ Login using your confirmation number and last name

If you are not able to complete your remote proctored exam due to computer hardware, private room security issues, or other security issues, your exam administration fee will NOT be refunded.

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