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Military to Civilian Career Resources - U.S. Army

Your New Mission Awaits

You’ve served your country honorably, and now you’re looking for a fulfilling civilian career that capitalizes on your Army expertise. Security management is a natural fit with many exciting possibilities to explore—from cybersecurity and asset protection to investigative work and crime prevention. ASIS International can help you find the right path with free resources designed by Veterans who have successfully transitioned into the security profession. Get ready to discover your new command.

Map Your Course of Action

Use these career maps to see how your Army position and rank, training, and education align with different civilian security roles. Identify the ASIS certifications that will best demonstrate your mastery of the key skills necessary to stand out for a new position.

Download the relevant career map below.

Establish Your Credibility

Employers place great value on ASIS certification. These credentials speak to your commitment to excellence in security management, giving recruiters confidence that you are someone with the skills, dedication, and qualifications to uphold the high professional standards of any organization.

What ASIS Can Do For You

We’ve developed programs that streamline the transition to your new career in security management. In addition to ASIS certification, we offer educational webinars, mentoring opportunities, publications, virtual and in-person events, and more.

Qualified U.S. applicants may receive reimbursement for the certification exams through the G.I. Bill. An application is available at or call +1.888.442.4551 and request VA Form 22-0803.

Begin Your Job Search with Our Free Tools

Sign up to access our exclusive, free resume-building resources that help you translate your military accomplishments for corporate hiring managers and make you more marketable in the civilian workforce. You can also use these tools to make your ASIS certification application more effective and easier for review.

How ASIS Membership Benefits You

Launch your security management career as part of our 34,000-member global community, including a strong network of retired military and law enforcement professionals.

As an ASIS member, you get both access to exclusive security management content as well as discounts on professional development tools, including certification fees, study guides, and exam reference materials.

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