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2024 Member Challenge


Invite Friends and Earn Rewards

When it comes to expressing the power of ASIS membership, nothing is more valuable than the impassioned perspective of our engaged members. Reach out to your network to share why joining ASIS was the right move for you, and help your colleagues and peers discover the enormous opportunity, community, and resources available to them as ASIS members.

Refer New ASIS Members and Everybody Wins
Share your ASIS journey and earn rewards in the process! 

Ready to get started? Post the sample messages from the Social Media Toolkit (below) to your social networks and begin racking up rewards.

Contest Rules


Recruitment Toolkit

Tips to Get Started

Tell the story about why you're a member. Why did you join? What was the most compelling message about ASIS International that made you want to be a part of this community? If there was a person who influenced your decision to join, why did his/her opinion matter?

Provide examples. A positive testimonial is one of the strongest tools.

Describe how membership has helped you advance your career, either via tangible resources or relationships you've developed through ASIS International.

Focus on your recruit’s needs. Do they know ASIS International is the global leader for security professional development, education, certifications, and standards? Make sure they are aware of all the ways ASIS serves as the premier organization for security professionals across all industry sectors.

Let us help you close the deal! ASIS stands ready to help your recruitment efforts. Need a member services staffer to call or send more information to prospects? Simply email [email protected] and we’ll step in.

How are referrals/recruits tracked?

Please instruct your referrals to enter your name on the membership application. Tracking occurs through the “Who may we thank for referring you to ASIS International” field on all membership applications and the online application (see example).

Social Media Toolkit

Here are suggested social media messages to help you encourage your peers to join ASIS. Feel free to utilize these references to assist you with member recruitment as part of the 2024 President’s Challenge, and always feel free to add some personal flair based on your great experience as an ASIS member.

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I’m proud to be part of the world’s largest association dedicated to security professionals. Join me!
​​​​​​​ASIS membership helps me take charge of my security career and I know it will do the same for you.



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If you work in the security profession, I highly encourage you to join ASIS International. ASIS membership helps me do my job better, and I know it can do the same for you.

(Copy and paste text)​

Joining ASIS International was one of the smartest career investments I’ve ever made. If you’re not a member, you’re missing out on the best professional development, networking, and insights security has to offer.

(Copy and paste text)​



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ASIS membership helps me take charge of my security career through high-level education, local and global networking, board certification, and other exclusive opportunities. Want to join me?

(Copy and paste text)​

24/7 access to the largest professional network in security, exclusive learning, free online Standards and Guidelines…those are just some of the reasons why I’ve been an ASIS member for [NUMBER] year(s). Join me!

​​​(Copy and paste text)​



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Calling all security professionals: If you’re not an ASIS member, this is a great time to join.

(Copy and paste text)​

One of the best things about my ASIS membership: 24/7 access to the largest network of security professionals in the world for guidance right when I need it most. Join me!

(Copy and paste text)​

New Recruitment Badges

We want your efforts to be acknowledged. Earn our new recruitment badges as you help grow the ASIS community.

Most Valuable Recruiter badges will be awarded at the end of 2024!

Recruit 1 New Member

Recruiter - Pro (Bronze).png

Recruit 5+ New Members

Recruiter - Champion (Silver).png

Top 5 Recruiter in ASIS

Recruiter - MVP.png

Questions? Please contact Member Services at [email protected] or +1.703.519.6200. Business hours are Monday–Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT.

Promote Our Exclusive Member Benefits

Unmatched networking opportunities at the local, regional, and global events, like GSX.

ASIS Connects, our exclusive online community to network, collaborate, and find business solutions.

Security Management Magazine
Access to award-winning news, trends, and deep-dive feature articles from Security Management, ASIS’s monthly magazine.

Big savings on expert-led education including webinars, global conferences, executive development, and more.

Globally recognized professional certifications that validate your competency in the security management industry.

Standards & Guidelines
Free digital access of all ASIS standards and guidelines.

Professional Connections
Connect with members who can help you succeed at your job and in your career aspirations through ASIS’s online subject area communities and mentoring program.