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Preferred CPE Provider Program

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Partner with ASIS to expand your organization’s recognition and connect with the right audience.

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Put Your Educational Offerings on the Map

Each year, more than 2,000 ASIS certification holders are looking for professional education resources that meet ASIS’s recertification requirements.

Do they know your offerings? With a listing in the Preferred Provider Directory, they’re more likely to find you and use your services.

What about your current students and customers—do they understand how to apply their professional development activities toward the ASIS recertification requirements? As part of the program, you’ll also get the support you need to assist them.

Expand Your Reach

The Preferred Provider Program offers benefits to help you:

  1. Increase awareness of ASIS members: Build participation in your educational offerings by being included on listings on the ASIS website and CPE promotions to ASIS members.

  2. Differentiate your offerings from competitors: By receiving the ASIS stamp of approval (and permission to use the ASIS logo on your marketing materials), you’ll get an edge over the competition.

  3. Support customers in earning CPE credit: Remove the guesswork over which activities meet certification requirements and give your customers peace of mind.

Join the Program that Promotes Your Organization

As a member of the Preferred Provider Program, you will receive:

  • A listing in the Directory of Preferred CPE Providers (annual providers only)

  • Increased exposure through ASIS marketing of CPE opportunities

  • Permission to use the ASIS Preferred Provider Program logo on your own marketing materials

  • Tools, resources and support to help participants receive CPE credit for their participation

There are three ways to get involved

1. ASIS Annual Preferred CPE Provider

Organizations offering multiple educational activities a year

2. ASIS One-Time Preferred CPE Provider Event

Organizations with a single educational activity approved by ASIS

3. ASIS Chapter

You can help chapter members earn CPEs as well as give your chapter's educational programs added visibility

Apply in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Download the Preferred CPE Provider Program Guide to learn how to become a Preferred CPE Provider.

Invest in Greater Visibility

Annual Fee - Corporation
$950 (includes $100 nonrefundable processing fee)

Annual Fee – Non-Profit
$450 (includes $100 nonrefundable application processing fee)

Annual Fee – ASIS Chapter
$250 (includes $100 nonrefundable application processing fee)

One-Time Event Fee
$250 (includes $100 nonrefundable application processing fee)
  • A one-time event includes a course, one-day event, or one multi-day event.
Rush Fee
$350 (annual and one-time event)
  • This is in addition to regular fees noted.
  • For urgent requests for approval that are submitted LESS THAN eight weeks prior to the event date.

Interested in Joining the Preferred Program?