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#MyASIS Stories

Members are the heart and soul of ASIS International. Their stories are not only as diverse as our population, but thoughtful and compelling. When they face challenges or need help in their jobs, they can turn to their community of 34,000+ strong global security professionals.

We spoke to a handful of members and found out why ASIS is important to them.

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Featured Story


Mark Gaudette, CPP
Director of Asset Protection, Big Y Foods.

"I went to my first conference a year I joined ASIS, Steve Milby was sthe president that year, I think it was 2001, maybe. And I went to the first timers reception and I was at the back of the room 'cause that's where the free shrimp was and Steve was talking about ASIS and volunteer leadership and I thought to myself, I'm never gonna get involved to your leadership. Fast forward to say, when I'm an RVP, I'm secretary to retail council. That happened because of all the people I met along the way and how they mentored me. You know, people talk about who's the one mentor in your career, I don't have one mentor, I have hundreds of mentors throughout this organization."

Kabir Adamu

"I had resources in only 2 of the 6 countries, so I put out a notice on ASIS platform asking if there were any members in those counties. And then I got a lot of responses from different members pointing me to existing members in those countries or companies that were associated with ASIS in those countries. That really did it for me."

Hank Nolin, CPP

"When the second plane hit the second tower I called one of the managers we were working for with Disney cruise line and asked him straight out “do you want bomb detection dogs?” and he said “yes” and by the end of the day we were on the phone locating dogs that were for sale... I had called 2 folks within ASIS and they referred me to folks to purchase my first 3 bomb detection dogs that week."

Anna English

"ASIS is an excellent way of growing your network and business, it gives you a wide range of contacts and resources. Using the website and Connect – the chat. You can post any question and have all kinds of answers in a day – the resources and website. If you are looking for a solution to any problem like how do I speak to the C suite, this gives you great guidance."

Jeff Slotnick, CPP, PSP

"I don’t have to know everything, I just have to know someone who does. As I’ve grown and matured w/ organization, I can now communicate with owners of companies and sales directors and VPs, and if I want to know about camera tech or gate entry control, I can go right to VP of Strategy or owner and ask for what I need."

Brittany Galli, Mobotour

"If someone is looking to join ASIS, that is a young professional, female or not. What I would say is … I used to be that person. I got involved with ASIS specifically because I did not know anyone in the industry as a co-founder of a company. I needed to know people, what jobs were available and how things worked. I reached out and got involved in women in security, seven years ago, as my first step and that I can tell you, is how I know anyone in this industry."

Bill Davis

"I’ve gone to the GSX conferences and when I go there, it’s amazing how vast the networking is and footprint of ASIS. I am sitting w/ someone from France, Great Britain and they give me stories that are happening in their security world and it gives me a great reference of things I need to know in my area and my company."

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