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#MyASIS Stories

Members are the heart and soul of ASIS International. Their stories are not only as diverse as our population, but thoughtful and compelling. When they face challenges or need help in their jobs, they can turn to their community of 34,000+ strong global security professionals.

We spoke to a handful of members and found out why ASIS is important to them.

Featured Stories

Lisa Dolan, CPP

"There is nothing more important than freely helping someone. I get back so much more from the people that I've mentored."
Captain Joe Awuni
"Whether you are in Ghana, or you are in South America, or in Alaska, we have the same platform and we're doing things the same way. It doesn't matter where you come from. You probably understand as soon as I say ASIS."
Bonnie Michelman, CPP
"When you're elected president of a great organization like this, you don't imagine something like 9/11 is going to happen—but it did. We came together as an organization, to heal together and grieve together. It was incredible the value that ASIS played during that tragedy."
Dave Tyson, CPP
"I was the Chief Security Officer for the City of Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. We didn't have the structure that an organization taking on the Olympics would need. I sent an email to my colleagues from ASIS and within an hour had about 20 policy manuals already vetted by legal teams."

What's Your #MyASIS Story?

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