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#MyASIS Stories

Members are the heart and soul of ASIS International. Their stories are not only as diverse as our population, but thoughtful and compelling. When they face challenges or need help in their jobs, they can turn to their community of 34,000+ strong global security professionals.

We spoke to a handful of members and found out why ASIS is important to them.

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Featured Story


Charles Bassey,
Head, Security Research & Development
Central Bank of Nigeria

"One of the ways ASIS has supported our business process has actually been in the risk management process. There is a guideline that was just released, and currently, I happen to be the head security research and development for my organization in the Security Service Department, and I rely hugely on adapting the content of that particular guideline, to developing templates to conduct security surveys, security assessments and to gather relevant day-to-day information that has helped our business processes."

Anders Noyes, CPP

"So my membership in the CSO Center is extremely important as I do operate globally with various operations in terms of wineries, resorts, other physical properties. And having the ability to connect with people who operate in those countries to help me understand and do the due diligence I need to understand what the risks are in those countries has been invaluable from my membership in this organization."

Dr. Nicolas Le Saux, CPP

"And when I've been able to rely on the network a lot of times, over the last few years. I remember a time when I was working in eastern Europe in the Czech Republic and I wanted to check a specific security legal point with our supplier, and I just used my telephone to ask a question to an ASIS colleague who was from the Czech Republic; and in five minutes, during the conversation, I had the answer I'd looked for and was able to deal with the issue with my supplier right on the spot."

Paul Moxness

"In 2015 I was part of the advisory council for the old CSO roundtable at a workshop to move towards what we are now with the CSO Center for Leadership & Development but during that workshop, the Paris terrorist attacks started and so, being together with a group of our peers, all of us trying to figure out who did we know in Paris, what employees did we have there, how was everybody doing and being able to help each other do that, was a huge, huge benefit, and being able just to reach out to expertise and peers, no matter what - no matter when, that's been a big, big part of why I continued to be with ASIS for all these years."

James Morris, CPP

"So I support clients around the world, often in areas that I've never been to myself, or I don't really know, and I use the members' directory pretty frequently when I'm getting ready to travel, or if I'm working on a project to support a client. I've often found that if I go into the members' directory, if I'm looking for a specific location, I can then email or message a number of ASIS colleagues and more often than not, someone or a couple of people will come back to me and help me, and to be honest, as I support a global client network it's almost impossible for me to know everything about everywhere and I've lent very heavily on my ASIS network, in the last 10 years of my security career."

Brian Reich, CPP

"I think one of the most pervasive problems that we have coming from law enforcement, which I did, is transitioning into the private sector. How are we going to complete a public sector career, and then make that jump into an entirely different sector, into the private sector, ASIS allowed me to meet the people, get the information, learn what hiring managers are looking for, and really differentiate the difference between what we did in law enforcement, and how we can apply those skills in the private sector. ASIS was there for me every step of the way."

Drew Brennan, CPP

"Attending an event like GSX is critically important for a couple reasons. Its networking with those folks that you interact with on a daily basis. Whether its vendors, or others in the industry is important. What I find critically important, and what I encourage my team to take advantage of is all of the educational sessions. The educational sessions have gotten better and better. At last years’ GSX, the educational sessions were phenomenal. I anticipate they will continue to get better and better. It’s a team building opportunity. Its connecting with current vendors and maybe future vendors. But its really growing yourself, and tis going as a team and learning what opportunities there are to learn things you haven’t learned, and to strengthen some of the foundational concepts that you already may have. And really, just branching off into new things that you didn’t realize were there for security professionals."