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#MyASIS Stories

Members are the heart and soul of ASIS International. Their stories are not only as diverse as our population, but thoughtful and compelling. When they face challenges or need help in their jobs, they can turn to their community of 34,000+ strong global security professionals.

We spoke to a handful of members and found out why ASIS is important to them.

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Herbert Calderon, CPP, PCI, PSP
Security Director,

"I have been a member of ASIS for 15 years and I have worked in security for almost 20 years. Since I connected with ASIS, I have benefitted from the many resources and guidelines to help problem solve. Because many of the problems I have found have been solved by other professionals, using these guidelines and my certifications, I have been successful in my business."

Jerry Heying, CPP

"Some of the value of being a member of ASIS is first of all, I believe it's shaped my career. It's helped me tremendously. Particularly when I obtained my CPP, when I would go somewhere and hand them my business card and they said, oh you're a CPP, what do you need? So it's opened doors for me. Many times, I travel all over the world, I've worked in more than 50 countries, I would go to the ASIS directory and look up a member - in particularly, one that was a CPP, and sometimes I'd blind call them and introduce myself, 'hi I am an ASIS member and I'm a CPP coming to your country, anything you can do to help me; I hope it's not a bother'. But there was not once, ever, that an ASIS member didn't say, 'what do you need? I'm here to help.' I can do, you know, local information, things like that. It was a tremendous help for me as a security professional."

Bryan Fort, CPP

"When you’re struggling with a solution for a problem that you have, you go to GSX and you’re able to find that solution. But at the end of the day, I think the most important reason for going, is the chance to revitalize and recharge your batteries. To break bread with the people that share your daily concerns. Frankly, when we go back to our jobs, most of the people at our company are not security professionals. They don’t understand security risk management. Our task is to explain and sell and influence. But at the end of the day, when we come to GSX, were standing shoulder to shoulder with brothers and sisters of ASIS International. They’re all sharing the same problems and looking for the same solutions that we all have. So, GSX is such a great opportunity and I wouldn’t miss it unless I absolutely would have to and that hasn’t happened very often in my career."

Ray O'Hara

"To be effective as a security leader today you have to have access to information, people and what have you from around the world. And I can remember many many times when I needed an answer to something in Australia in Vietnam or Japan or Korea or whenever. And you go to the membership directory and you say: “hey there are 5 members there”. And you reach out to them and you get an answer because you can’t do this by yourself today in a global organization or any organization for that matter because the world is moving too quickly. It’s much smaller today than it was years ago so reaching across the pond or somewhere to get some information that’s valuable to your business is critically important."

Elizabeth Moslander, CPP

"It is fair to say that women are more prevalent now in the security field than when I started.....Last year in Las Vegas, I actually had to stand in line for the first time in a really long time which to me it sounds like a crazy thing but it’s actually refreshing to know that there are women that are coming alongside. I was the token female back in the day and now I have comrades and other folks that are coming alongside coming up in the industry, becoming leaders. It’s very refreshing."

Mark Gaudette, CPP

"... I thought to myself, I'm never gonna get involved to your leadership. Fast forward to say, when I'm an RVP, I'm secretary to retail council. That happened because of all the people I met along the way and how they mentored me. You know, people talk about who's the one mentor in your career, I don't have one mentor, I have hundreds of mentors throughout this organization."

Kabir Adamu

"I had resources in only 2 of the 6 countries, so I put out a notice on ASIS platform asking if there were any members in those counties. And then I got a lot of responses from different members pointing me to existing members in those countries or companies that were associated with ASIS in those countries. That really did it for me."