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Security Topics

Security Spotlight

Welcome to Security Spotlight, highlighting ASIS resources on specific topics in security management. Some resources are free for all and others are ​members-only content. 

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

ASIS recently released its Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Guideline, which takes a different approach to traditional security. The new guideline is the first strategic security management tool of its kind, elevating the security function by establishing a partnership between security professionals and business leaders to manage security risks. Read more in the September 6 press release.

Management & Leadership

Elearning Collection: Managing Security Teams Better by Understanding Generational Differences

Today’s workforce is one of the most age diverse in recent history with up to four different generations working together. Managing these individuals with differing attitudes and expectations can be a challenge. This eLearning Collection reviews each of the generations, details their typical characteristics and traits, and identifies what sets them apart and what commonalities they share. Use this knowledge to build a better team and more effectively manage your workforce.

Earn 2 CPE credits by completing the training.


Ebook: Team Building

This collection of Security Management articles and original content on building, managing, and empowering diverse security teams.


Member's Only Webinar: Selling Security to the C-Suite

In this on-demand webinar learn how to develop a business case for a security project and how you convince the C-Suite to buy-in. Presenters share real-world examples that show how to seek approvals within various firms.

Open to current ASIS members. Learn more about ASIS membership.


Soft Target & Active Shooter

Preparing for the Possibility of an Active Shooter

A security benchmarking study reports that 40 percent of security leaders say their organizations are well prepared for an active shooter event, which is up from 20 percent two years earlier. However, there is still a lot of work that can be done. 

This free, on-demand webinar examined the findings of a benchmarking survey, showing the progress made and identifying the kinds of preparations companies are making as well as the challenges they are facing--and how these things have changed over time. The presentation goes beyond the numbers and includes tips and experiences that will help security directors develop an effective active shooter preparation program.

Identify, Anticipate, Intervene-Steps to Prevent the Next School Shooting (2018)

In this free, on-demand webinar for ASIS members you will learn how to Identify potential threats, list warning signs and their indicative behaviors, connect threats to potential targets, and describe the benefits of actionable information.

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Learning: Active Assailant: Prevention, Intervention, and Response

On 4-5 November 2019, ASIS and the American Military University will be in Seattle, WA to hold a workshop on workplace violence. This program presents the necessary components of preparation strategies that include planning, prevention, mitigation, and response to active shooters and incidents. Your company must embrace the importance of preparing for, and rehearsing, what is known as a "survival mindset." Best practices are discussed throughout the program.

School Safety & Security

Solutions, Post-Parkland

This Security Management article distills results from several studies and initiatives that followed the horrific Parkland school shooting.

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Best Practices: School and Campus Security

This Security Management supplement includes a Q&A with Rebecca Bolante on the role threat assessment teams have in securing schools.

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Securing Houses of Worship

Media reports confirm what many citizens know: hate crimes are on the rise around the world. Incidents targeting religious institutions and houses of worship are especially troubling, and governments are taking action.

Hostile Surveillance Detection for Houses of Worship

We often come and go from our Houses of Worship (HOW) with very little thought about who may be watching our activities. If we have implemented basic security precautions, we are probably comfortable in our setting. However, we need to step it up a notch if we are going to detect hostile surveillance at your facility.