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Security Spotlight

Welcome to Security Spotlight, highlighting ASIS resources on specific topics in security management. Some resources are free for all and others are ​members-only content. 

Management & Leadership

Member's Only Webinar: Building the Business Case

In a metrics-focused and data-driven business environment, a business case is crucial tool to justify budget and capital expenditures. But how to start? Identifying data sources, evaluating the quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits, and outlining risks to various courses of action can be overwhelming.

This webinar outlines the process of developing a business case. You’ll learn what to include, where to find your data, how to evaluate alternatives, and ultimately make your case to management.

This webinar is open to current ASIS members only. Learn more about ASIS membership.

Ebook: Team Building

This is a collection of Security Management articles and original content on building, managing, and empowering diverse security security teams.

February 2019 Security Management Podcast: Career Management

Host Chuck Harold talks with Basil Steele about his long tenure in security engineering at SANDIA National Labs. Steele offers advice for thriving in a meaningful career for more than three decades.

Soft Target & Active Shooter

Active Shooter

White Paper, 2016
School Safety and Security Council 

According to the FBI, the frequency and lethality of active shooter incidents in America is increasing. More than one in four (29%) of these tragedies has occurred at educational institutions. Schools and universities must be prepared to not only respond to these incidents, but to also prevent them.

This 59-page paper consists of thirteen articles by twelve authors, all members of this active council, and addresses different approaches to Active Shooter situations. It concludes with five appendices that reference a tabletop exercise, two Security Management articles, a guide from the U. S. Department of Education, and an ASIS International guideline. 


Deterring and Mitigating Attack

This excerpt is a summation of security tactics that can be applied to soft targets, including pre-positioning vehicles, locks, alarms, visitor access and badges, CCTV, and public address systems.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Exercise

This excerpt outlines a number of relevant planning strategies, risk management cycles, gap analysis results, physical security steps, and policies and procedures.

Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention

Chapter: Preparing an Emergency Response Plan and 
Chapter: Self-Assessment Checklist for Organizational Preparedness
Author: Joshua Sinai, Ph.D

School Safety & Security

Webinar: Identify, Anticipate, Intervene - Steps to Prevent the Next School Shooting (2018)

Are you in a position to anticipate future safety and security challenges in you school district? Early identification, recognition of warning signs and resources for intervention are three key steps in preventing a school shooting.

White Paper: Security of Soft Targets and Crowded Place-Resource Guide (2018)

This guide, from the National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Infrastructure Protection, provides an aggregate of soft target resources for categorized for use by everyone, businesses, government, and first responders. These resources include fact sheets, guides, videos, in-person and online training, websites, and more.

Securing Houses of Worship

Media reports confirm what many citizens know: hate crimes are on the rise around the world. Incidents targeting religious institutions and houses of worship are especially troubling, and governments are taking action.

Hostile Surveillance Detection for Houses of Worship

We often come and go from our Houses of Worship (HOW) with very little thought about who may be watching our activities. If we have implemented basic security precautions, we are probably comfortable in our setting. However, we need to step it up a notch if we are going to detect hostile surveillance at your facility.