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Featured Resources: Management and Leadership

Member's Only Webinar: Building the Business Case

In a metrics-focused and data-driven business environment, a business case is crucial tool to justify budget and capital expenditures. But how to start? Identifying data sources, evaluating the quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits, and outlining risks to various courses of action can be overwhelming.

This webinar outlines the process of developing a business case. You’ll learn what to include, where to find your data, how to evaluate alternatives, and ultimately make your case to management.

This webinar is open to current ASIS members only. Learn more about ASIS membership.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • List the elements included in a business plan
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Evaluate data sources
  • Make data-driven recommendations to the organization

Ebook: Team Building

This is a collection of Security Management articles and original content on building, managing, and empowering diverse security security teams.


February 2019 Security Management Podcast: Career Management

Host Chuck Harold talks with Basil Steele about his long tenure in security engineering at SANDIA National Labs. Steele offers advice for thriving in a meaningful career for more than three decades.


Additional Management and Leadership Resources

Recent Security Management Article

A Return on Your Educational Investment
Report from a recent ASIS course delves into management and leadership case studies on corporate strategy and leadership to answer the question: Can security be a value generator for an organization?
Security Management, March 2019

Measuring and Improving Departmental Productivity

Performance Conversations: Checking In & Coaching Up
The dreaded annual review process—bureaucratic, form-heavy, often dreaded by both managers and employees—is out. Performance conversations—frequent, agile, light on formality but heavy on coaching and two-way feedback—are in.
Security Management, July 2018.

The Strategic Leader
Being a strategic leader goes beyond being the subject matter expert on all things security. It is making that knowledge relevant to, and an integral part of, the company's business goals. Security Management, February 2018

Leading While Female
Research study on women who have attained leadership positions in security uncovers four major themes critical to their rise: opportunities to succeed, gender diversity as a differentiator, breaking through in a male-oriented industry, and the importance of relationships and mentorships.
Security Management, December 2017.

The CSO is the Steward of Corporate Security: Does the Company See Your Big Picture?
Learn how a culture of communication and results-oriented risk management makes organizations and municipalities alike safer, more effective, and more resilient. On-demand webinar, free, registration required.

Creating Culture Together
How to assess the culture of your organization (or department)… and what to do about it.
Security Management, April 2016.

Defining Leadership Competencies for the 2020 CSO
As the level and responsibilities of a position increase, the leadership skills necessary to thrive shift from intellectual and technical skills to qualities linked to emotional intelligence. On-demand webinar, fee and registration required.

Security Policies, Procedures, Plans, and Directives

Paved with Good Intentions
Sometimes a company designs incentive systems for their employees that do way more harm than good. This article discusses how to spot “perverse incentives” and how to avoid them.
Security Management, February 2018.

Policies and Procedures Workshop
This on-demand webinar offers security managers tips and techniques for effective policy and procedure writing. On-demand webinar, fee and registration required.

Develop, implement, and coordinate security staffing processes and personnel development programs

The Hard Truth about Soft Skills
“Hard skills will get you the interview—soft skills will get you the job.”
Security Management, February 2019.

An Investment in Employees
Investing in personnel remains one of the most cost-effective business decisions in an organization's strategic planning, as well as in its formulation of short- and long-term budgetary projections.
Security Management, October 2018.

Mentor & Me
Through mentorship, a new security manager can experience professional situations and even make decisions that turn out to be wrong without suffering the consequences of on-the-job mistakes. Such an opportunity is invaluable, because having a safe space to fail is crucial for professional growth and skill development.
Security Management, June 2017.