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Elearning Collection: Supercharging Your Security Leadership Skills

As a security manager, you know how to analyze risk, set up security protocols, and respond to incidents while learning from them. To be a security leader, however, there is a whole different set of skills to learn and practice in order to excel. These skills center around the relationship experience you have with those around you. Thriving means building trust and gaining influence so you can be an effective security champion in your organization. Earn 2.5 CPEs for completing this collection.

Security and Human Resources: A Critical Partnership

This elearning course offers a high-level examination of several areas where security and human resources overlap or support each other and provides ideas and strategies on how to build a mutually beneficial partnership.


Mentorship Matters

Find a security professional to connect with who can help you define your goals, create a plan of action, and ultimately achieve success.


Additional Management and Leadership Resources

ASIS Professional Development Community
ASIS Connects
This online community open to ASIS Members aims to promote personal and professional development in the security sector through accredited academic study, formalized training, certification preparation, leadership development, and business management skills that are aligned to meet the needs of enterprises worldwide.

Cross Generational Management & Mentoring
Discussion on the importance, benefits, and success of cross generational teaming, mentoring, and leadership in the security field.
On-Demand Webinar, Free for ASIS Members

Managing the Fear: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Help Fearful Clients Manage Crises
Effectively navigating a client through a difficult event requires more than just a firm understanding of crisis and threat management skills.
On-Demand Webinar, Free for ASIS Members

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
Learn conversation tips, useful phrases and expressions, and ways to start a conversation and offer support to coworkers and employees who may be experiencing mental health challenges.
On-Demand Webinar, Free for ASIS Members

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Physical Security: Your Budget Depends on It
This webinar is designed to provide real-world insights into existing relationships between these two teams, pain points from both sides, and best practices in reaching across the aisle to improve security across the organization.
On-Demand Webinar, Free for ASIS Members

Presentation Tips for the Now-Public Speaker
Learn tips to help you refine your public speaking and presentation skills.
On-Demand Webinar, Free for ASIS Members

How to Hire from a Distance
Office closures and social distancing measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the contract security guarding industry to change how it recruits.
Security Management, September 2020

Making the Most of Mentorship 
Mentorships offer an opportunity to surmount another prescient workplace dilemma: cross-generational conflict and management.
Security Management, July 2021

Guard Training Programs: A Development Guide
Most jobs, including security guarding, are complicated, so to train for them successfully students need to learn and understand both foundational and task-specific skills.
Security Management, July 2020

How to Help Prevent Employee Burnout
While everyone experiences stress, chronic stress can have profound impacts on a person’s mental health—especially if that person has an underlying health condition—including anxiety, depression, and decrease of cognitive ability.
Security Management, June 2020

How Managers Can Sustain Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces
These days, diversity is increasingly regarded as an essential component for creating a thriving workplace and for driving innovation, productivity, and competitiveness.
Security Management, March 2020

Magnificent Manager, Compelling Coach: Leadership’s Two Crowns
Coaching is a crucial function of managing. Every effective leader must be able to do it well.
Security Management, February 2020

Science and Experience Produce Measured Security Strategies
Evidence-based practices can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations, avoid wasting limited assets and resources, and satisfy executive demands for data-driven decisions.
Security Management, November 2019

Measuring and Improving Departmental Productivity

How to Use Scenario Analysis to Manage in Uncertain Times
A leader’s ability to make decisions in the face of varying degrees of uncertainty is key to overall organization success.
Security Management, October 2019.

How to Succeed as an Adaptable Leader
Change and complexity are both inevitable in the security industry, and success for security managers and leaders depends on being flexible and agile—in a word, adaptable.
Security Management, September 2019

Your First 90 Days as a New Leader
Strategies on how new managers can use their first 90 days as a springboard to success. 
Security Management, June 2019.

Building a Business Case
This webinar outlines the process to develop a business case. You’ll learn what to include, where to find your data, how to evaluate alternatives, and ultimately make your case to management.
On-demand webinar for ASIS members only.

Performance Conversations: Checking In & Coaching Up
The dreaded annual review process—bureaucratic, form-heavy, often dreaded by both managers and employees—is out. Performance conversations—frequent, agile, light on formality but heavy on coaching and two-way feedback—are in.
Security Management, July 2018.

The Strategic Leader
Being a strategic leader goes beyond being the subject matter expert on all things security. It is making that knowledge relevant to, and an integral part of, the company's business goals.
Security Management, February 2018

Leading While Female
Research study on women who have attained leadership positions in security uncovers four major themes critical to their rise: opportunities to succeed, gender diversity as a differentiator, breaking through in a male-oriented industry, and the importance of relationships and mentorships.
Security Management, December 2017.

Security Policies, Procedures, Plans, and Directives

Starting from Scratch
Don Taussig, CPP, enters a Fortune 500 company and designs and builds a new security function.
Security Management, May 2019.

Paved with Good Intentions
Sometimes a company designs incentive systems for their employees that do way more harm than good. This article discusses how to spot “perverse incentives” and how to avoid them.
Security Management, February 2018.

Security Staffing and Development

Under Pressure: Managing Team Wellness
How to mitigate effects of a chronically stressful job on security teams.
Security Management, July 2019

A Return on Your Educational Investment
Report from a recent ASIS course delves into management and leadership case studies on corporate strategy and leadership to answer the question: Can security be a value generator for an organization? 
Security Management, March 2019

The Hard Truth about Soft Skills
“Hard skills will get you the interview—soft skills will get you the job.”
Security Management, February 2019.

An Investment in Employees
Investing in personnel remains one of the most cost-effective business decisions in an organization's strategic planning, as well as in its formulation of short- and long-term budgetary projections.
Security Management, October 2018.

Mentor & Me
Through mentorship, a new security manager can experience professional situations and even make decisions that turn out to be wrong without suffering the consequences of on-the-job mistakes. Such an opportunity is invaluable, because having a safe space to fail is crucial for professional growth and skill development.
Security Management, June 2017.