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Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

Featured Resources: Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

New Enterprise Security Risk Management Guideline

ASIS recently released its Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Guideline, which takes a different approach to traditional security. The new guideline is the first strategic security management tool of its kind, elevating the security function by establishing a partnership between security professionals and business leaders to manage security risks. Read more in the September 6 press release.

ESRM Maturity Assessment Tool

ASIS International's ESRM Initiative Workgroup developed a tool for security directors to assess how developed their ESRM program is. ASIS Members Only.

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Five Insights on ESRM

This Security Management article describes an overview of ESRM, what it can do for security managers, how security can gain C-suite approval, and how to implement it.

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Additional ESRM Resources

Maximizing ROI Through Effective Risk Analysis
Applying ESRM to create a risk analysis for an organization and develop metrics that measure the return on investment in managing security risk.
On-demand webinar, registration and fee required.

How to Implement ESRM
A look at how International Paper refocused its security initiatives around a risk management approach. 
Security Management, August 2018.

Less Is More: A KISS Approach to ESRM
Plugging security into an organization's various business drivers via risk management can seem like an overwhelming task. This article provides a simplified, focused approach.
Security Management, September 2017

GSOC Principles: How They Support ESRM
This webinar aligns a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) approach with the goals and outcomes of ESRM. 
On-demand webinar, free with registration.

ESRM: Another Fad or an Enduring Industry Trend? A Discussion on the Direction of Enterprise Security Risk Management
This discussion seeks to describe what a successful execution of ESRM looks like for an organization.
On-demand webinar, free with registration.

The Unseen Threat
This article describes and ESRM-inspired approach for plant managers to understand their security and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
Security Management, November 2017.