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How to Recertify

Maintain Your ASIS Certification

Earning your APP®, CPP®, PCI®, or PSP® credential took hard work and dedication to mastering security’s essential domains. Ensure your certification stays active — and as meaningful today as the day you earned it — by recertifying with 60 hours of continuing professional education every three years.

Want to talk to a recertification specialist? Email us at [email protected].

How Do I Get Recertified?

Earning Your Required CPEs

You must complete 60 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours during your three-year certification cycle to remain certified.

Recertification credits are earned only for security-, business-, or safety-related learning, teaching, or service activities that are not part of your regular job duties or company-specific training. CPEs must link to the domains of your certification exam and may be earned in the following categories:
  • Membership (max. 24 CPEs)
  • Educational
  • Instructor (max. 30 CPEs)
  • Author
  • Volunteer (max. 30 CPEs)
  • Certification, Standards & Guidelines Program Service
  • Public Service
  • Other Accomplishments

NOTE: Safety-related learning is allowed a maximum of 21 CPE across all categories in a three-year period.

Tracking and Submitting CPEs

All recertification CPEs and related documents must be stored and submitted using the online ASIS portal, which allows you to easily upload CPEs as they’re earned. Your recertification application may be submitted anytime in the third year of your certification cycle. Get step-by-step instructions for completing your recertification application.

With the exception of ASIS membership, ASIS volunteer leadership, ASIS Global Access Live, and the Global Security Exchange (GSX), all ASIS-related activities will no longer be uploaded to your online certification account by ASIS. You will receive a certificate of completion or other documentation for all other ASIS-related activities from your ASIS leader. This documentation, which you must upload into your account, will be guaranteed CPE credit.

For the CPEs that are loaded into your account by an ASIS staff member, please allow 4-6 weeks after the activity has ended for your CPEs to appear in your account. For ASIS webinars and ASIS online programs, your participation will upload no more than 48 hours after the webinar.

NOTE: Use the Calculate Hours button in your ASIS portal account before adding new CPE credits to ensure your total CPE hours are accurate.

For a full overview of the process of tracking and submitting credits, refer to ASIS’s Recertification Guide. It provides detailed explanations for each of the categories listed and the documentation you must provide to verify completion of your CPEs.

Recertification Guide

Guia De Recertificacion

Interested in Volunteering?

All ASIS certification programs are created and maintained by volunteers in the security profession. As an ASIS-certified professional, you can help ensure our certification programs align with current and emerging industry trends. We are continually seeking individuals from a wide range of security backgrounds based on years in the field, geographic location, industry, and knowledge to serve on our volunteer panels. All volunteers receive CPEs for their work.

If you’re interested in contributing your time and expertise as a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form for your relevant certification:


Recertification Fees

ASIS members: $170
  • Emerging Market 1: $130
  • Emerging Market 2: $120
Nonmembers: $210
  • Emerging Market 1: $160
  • Emerging Market 2: $150

Emerging Market rates are available to those living in countries classified as upper-middle, lower-middle or low income by the World Bank. Rates will be adjusted based on these country classifications. View the list of countries identified as Emerging Markets by the World Bank.

If your recertification application is denied, the Recertification Guide provides instructions on how to submit an appeal.


If you submit your application after your three-year certification date has passed, late fees will apply.

ASIS members: $250
  • Emerging Market 1: $190
  • Emerging Market 2: $175
Nonmembers: $290
  • Emerging Market 1: $220
  • Emerging Market 2: $205


All certificants have a three-month grace period after their certification end date to apply for recertification. However, all 60 CPEs must be completed in your three-year certification cycle. The three-month grace period cannot be used to accumulate additional CPEs.

Make the Most of Your Certification

Promote Your Credential

Show colleagues and peers you’ve successfully earned your ASIS certification using this guide on how to properly display your designation and use ASIS logos.

Digital Badges

Digital badges through Credly are verifiable recognition of your achievement that can be embedded in a website or shared through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and email. Once you recertify your ASIS credential, you will receive an email from Credly ([email protected]) with instructions on how to download your digital badge.

Additional Certification Resources