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Why Recertify?

When you carry the CPP, PCI, PSP, or APP designation, you are telling the world that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful security management professional. To continue to hold your designation, you also promise to stay current in this field.

To stay current, you must recertify your designation every three years by completing 60 continuing professional education credits.

The Recertification Guide explains the policies and procedures for recertifying your CPP, PCI, PSP, and APP designation.


For a quick reference, refer to the Recertification FAQs.

Certification Portal

The online ASIS certification portal provides a user-friendly experience for both exam applicants and those recertifying.

ASIS members and those who have applied for or taken an ASIS certification exam, already have a login to the portal. Those new to ASIS should follow the prompts to set up your account.

IMPORTANT: Please click the Calculate Hours button before adding new CPE credits in order to ensure your CPE total hours are correct.

How do I recertify?

Required Continuing Professional Education credits

CPE credits are awarded in the following categories and must align to the exam domains for the credential you are recertifying.

  • Membership
  • Continuing Education
  • Instructor
  • Author
  • Volunteer
  • Certification, Standards and Guidelines Program Service
  • Public Service
  • Other Accomplishments

The Recertification Guide provides detailed explanations for each of these categories and the documentation you’ll need to include to prove you completed each CPE. Some categories have a maximum amount of CPEs you can claim.

The new certification portal allows you to upload CPEs as you earn them. Your recertification application may be submitted anytime in your second or third certification cycle. View instructions for uploading credits and submitting your application.

(Effective 1 January 2018) 
With the exception of ASIS membership, ASIS volunteer leadership, ASIS Global Access Live, and the Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly known as the ASIS Annual Seminar, all ASIS-related activities will no longer be uploaded to your online certification account by ASIS. You will receive a certificate of completion or other documentation for all other ASIS-related activities from your ASIS leader. This documentation, which you’ll upload into your account, will be guaranteed CPE credit.

For the CPEs that are loaded into your account by an ASIS staff member, please allow 4-6 weeks after the activity has ended for your CPEs to appear in your account.

Recertification Fees

  • $70 ASIS members
  • $90 nonmembers

Late fees apply for applications submitted after your deadline.

If your recertification application is denied, the Recertification Guide provides instructions for submitting an appeal.

Promoting Your Certification

There are many ways to show your colleagues and peers that you have successfully earned your ASIS. We provide information on how to display your credential and how to use the ASIS board-certified logos.

Digital Badges

Digital badges are portable, verifiable, and deter unauthorized reproductions of the CPP, PCI, and PSP designations.

Once you have earned your ASIS certification, you will receive an email from ProExam ( with instructions on downloading your digital badge.

Lapsed and Expired Certifications

Lapsed Certifications

A one-year grace period is given if you miss your December 31 deadline. After that date, your CPP, PCI, and PSP designations are considered “lapsed.” When your certification is lapsed, you are technically not certified and must stop using the designation until you have completed your recertification requirement.

During your “lapsed” year, you will need to submit additional CPEs and pay a late fee to recertify your designation.

  • Between January 1 and June 30 of your lapsed year, a total of 64 credits and a $110 fee is required to reinstate your ASIS designation (four additional credits and a $40 late fee)
  • Between July 1 and December 31 of your lapsed year, a total of 68 credits and a $110 fee is required to reinstate your ASIS designation (eight additional credits and a $40 late fee)

Policy Update

Starting January 2019, the lapsed period will be shortened to three months. Those who are due to recertify by Dec. 31, 2018 will only have until March 31, 2019 to complete the recertification requirements or risk losing your certification.

Expired Certifications

If you fail to submit a recertification application prior to December 31 of your lapsed year, your certification will expire. To be certified again, you will need to apply for, and pass, the applicable certification examination.