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Split frame image of Darcy Leutzinger and Rich Widup, CPP

Steps to Success: Strategy

The CSO Center is a wealth of knowledge for its members, but wading through all of the resources can be difficult – and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. The CSO Development Pyramid aims to alleviate that issue by making resources more quickly searchable and by giving members a roadmap to success as a CSO. This blog series looks to share some of those resources and quick tips for success with the broader ASIS membership. In today’s videos, hear from Darcy Leutzinger, Director of Security at United Wholesale Mortgage, and Rich Widup, CPP, President and Founder of The Widup Group, LLC, about the Strategy layer of the pyramid.

Recent Blog Posts

Unveiling the Gender Gap in Security: Addressing Challenges and Embracing Diversity Introduction

In today's rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusivity are no longer mere buzzwords; they are essential components of thriving industries. However, the security sector continues to grapple with a significant gender gap that demands immediate attention. This article delves into the prevailing challenges faced by women in the security industry, while also exploring promising solutions to bridge this gender gap. Read on to learn more from Anderson Nakamura, CPP, and Michelly Geraldo.

2023 ASIS Awards of Excellence

The annual ASIS Awards of Excellence honor the important work and accomplishments of ASIS members worldwide. We honor them not only for their accomplishments but also to share their efforts and to recognize that they set the standard for the industry.

Certification Posts

Study Tips for the PCI Exam

After I passed the ASIS International Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) certification exam earlier this month, I had a number of people reach out to ask about how I prepared for the exam, how I sat for the exam, and any tips that could help them study.

ASIS Now Offering Remotely Proctored Certification Exams

It is with great pleasure that ASIS International is now offering remotely proctored certification exams! This means that those who do not have a Prometric test center nearby can now take the ASIS certification exams in their own home or office. This option will now allow our members throughout the world to take our exams anytime, anywhere.