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Standards & Guidelines

Advance your career and organization through implementable security best practices and solutions

ASIS International, in its role as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s global environment.
  • Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Serves a key liaison role on two International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committees

Through these roles and the expertise and knowledge of its members and the industry at large, ASIS plays a pivotal role to influence and impact security standards worldwide.

Interested in participating?

Reach out to our standards department at [email protected] today.

Recently Released

Senior Security Executive

This Standard provides organizational guidance on the establishment of an SSE role, addresses how to position this role within an organization and outlines responsibilities, key competencies, and critical success factors related to the SSE function.

Preemployment Background Screening and Vetting

Hiring a new employee is an important responsibility. This Guideline aids employers in developing, implementing and maintaining a preemployment background screening and vetting program to bring into the organization individuals who will be effective assets

Information Asset Protection

This Guideline specifies steps that an organization can take to develop and implement an effective risk-based information asset protection program. It provides guidance on program development and maintenance, and outlines management, legal, and security strategies organizations can employ to safeguard their information assets.

The Global Leader in Security Standards

Learn how ASIS, through the development of security standards and guidelines, advances the security management profession as well as empowers organizations to increase their effectiveness of security practice and solutions.

Published Standards and Guidelines


Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations (PSC.2) 2019 Edition
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Investigations (INV)
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Manag​ement System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations-Requirements with Guidance (PSC.1) 2017 edition
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Physical Asset Protection (PAP)
Learn More

Risk Assessment (RA)
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Security Awareness (SA)
Learn More

Security and Resilience in Organizations and thei​r Supply Chains - Requirements with Guidance (ORM.1)
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Senior Security Executive (SSE)
Learn More

Supply Chain Risk Management: A Compilation of Best Practices (SCRM)
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Workplace Violence and Active Assailant-Prevention, Intervention, and Response (WVPI)​
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Business Continuity Management Guideline (BCM)
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Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Guideline
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General Security Risk Assessment Guideline (GSRA)
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Information Asset Protection Guideline (IAP)
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Preemployment Background Screening and Vetting Guideline (PBSV)
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Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline (PSO)
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International Standards Activities

ASIS International (ASIS) holds Category-A Liaison status at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Under this capacity, ASIS can make effective contributions to the work of ISO technical committees and its working groups (WG) through engagement of its members in the varying standards topics of security and risk management. 

As Category-A Liaison, ASIS does not represent any one country, rather it utilizes the expertise of its members from around the globe to develop international positions that will support ISO work items (standards).  As ISO issues work items for review and comment, ASIS will work with its experts to review the draft standard(s) and develop constructive comments to improve its content.

Currently, ASIS is accepting interest to support the following key security standards projects (go to each TC for details):

1. ISO/TC 262: Risk Management
Scope: Standardization in the field of risk management

2. ISO/TC 292: Security and Resilience
Scope: Standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society

How can you get involved? It’s simple:

  1. Review the list of standards under development
  2. Determine which standards relate directly to your specific area of  expertise
  3. Contact standards staff at [email protected] to inform of your willingness to contribute to that ISO work(s); and
  4. ASIS staff will request a bio and other information to determine how you can best contribute to support the ad-hoc group leading that effort on behalf of ASIS

For more information, contact [email protected].

Standards & Guidelines Under Development

Executive Protection (new standard)

This Standard provides minimum criteria for the development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an effective executive protection (EP) program utilizing industry accepted risk management principles. It provides guidance for the assessment of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to the protected person(s), the identification and justification of protective services, and delivery of support based on industry-driven guidance.

This Standard is globally applicable across all sectors regardless of industry or setting and will assist consumers and providers in raising the bar in a widely unregulated profession.

PROJECT STATUS: The starting point draft is under development and a technical committee will be formed in the coming months. Interested in joining? Contact [email protected]  

Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations – Requirements with Guidance (PSC.1) Standard (revision of the 2012 (R2017) edition)

This Standard provides the principles and requirements for a quality assurance management system (QAMS) for private security service provides, including private security companies (collectively PSCs). Its purpose is to improve and demonstrate consistent and predictable quality of services provided by PSCs while maintaining the safety and security of their operations and client within a framework that aims to ensure respect for human rights, national and international laws, and fundamental freedoms.

PROJECT STATUS: The draft proposed revised standard just completed ANSI public review. 



ASIS Professional Standards Board

The work of preparing standards and guidelines is carried out through the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Committees and governed by the Professional Standards Board (PSB). The board ensures the development process is voluntary, nonproprietary, and consensus-based, utilizing the knowledge, experience, and expertise of ASIS membership, security professionals, and the global security profession.