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Standards & Guidelines

ASIS International, in its role as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s global environment.

  • Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Serves a key liaison role on two International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committees

Through these roles and the expertise and knowledge of its members and the industry at large, ASIS plays a pivotal role to influence and impact security standards worldwide.

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Call for ESRM Guideline Committee Members

Deadline for submission: 14 December 2018

Committee formation efforts are under way for the development of a new ASIS International Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Guideline.

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is a strategic security program management approach that ties an organization’s security practice to its mission and goals using globally established and accepted risk management principles. This guideline will describe the fundamentals of ESRM and aims at explaining how it:

  • Creates partnerships between security and those who manage the assets at risk;
  • Applies to all aspects of security within the organization;
  • Works in any type of organization; and
  • Places risks in context, enabling enterprise leadership to prioritize risk mitigation efforts.

The output of the ESRM value stream work (e.g. draft ESRM working guideline) will serve as the basis and starting point draft for the development of the formal ASIS ESRM Guideline.

If you are interested in participating in the new technical committee, submit a completed application and a brief bio outlining your experience/expertise no later than 14 December 2018 to You’ll also want to review the New Member Guide.

While applications for all interest categories can be submitted, we are in particular need of individuals from the general interest category (including academia, government, not-for-profit, and others) who can provide a general perspective to the work involved.

Submit a completed application and brief bio outlining your experience/expertise as soon as possible to

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Standards & Guidelines Case Study:

Building Organizational Resilience at Murdoch University

Murdoch University needed a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand approach to developing, implementing, and monitoring emergency, continuity, and recovery actions in response to disruptive incidents.

With guidance, including the ASIS Business Continuity Management Systems Standard (BCM), the university was able to define its risks, develop incident and business continuity plans, and implement an ongoing review process to evaluate the programs. The university is prepared.

Published Standards

Chief Security Officer - An Organizational Model (CSO)
*ASIS MemberFree download ($74.00 value)

Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations (PSC.2)
*ASIS MemberFree download ($81.00 value)

*ASIS MemberFree download (En Español) ($193.00 value)

Manag​ement System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations-Requirements with Guidance (PSC.1) ​​Revised
Purchase: S​oftcover​​​
*ASIS MemberFree download (En Español) ($165.00 value​)

Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of a Quality Assurance Management System for Private Security Service Providers (PSC.3)
*ASIS MemberFree download ($92.00 value)

Risk Assessment (RA)
*ASIS MemberFree download (En Español) ($107.00 value)

Security and Resilience in Organizations and thei​r Supply Chains - Requirements with Guidance (ORM.1)
​Purchase: Softcover​
*ASIS MemberFree download ($135.00 value)

*This Standard replaces Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness and Continuity Management Systems--Requirements with Guidance for Use (SPC.1) and Business Continuity Management Standard (BCM)

Security Management Standard: Physical Asset Protection (PAP)
*ASIS MemberFree download (En Español) ($142.00 value)

Supply Chain Risk Management: A Compilation of Best Practices (SCRM)
*ASIS MemberFree download ($193.00 value)

Workplace Violence Pre​vention and Intervention Standard (WVPI.1)
*ASIS MemberFree download (En Español) ($117.00 value)

International Standards Activities

ASIS International participates in two International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committees (TC) namely, ISO/TC 262, Risk management and ISO/TC 292, Security and resilience. As the global security association, ASIS seeks the views of its members to help drive international standards development.

1. ISO/TC 262: Risk Management
Scope: Standardization in the field of risk management

2. ISO/TC 292: Security and Resilience
Scope: Standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society

Learn more about the process of developing standards

ASIS Standards Development Process

The New Member Guide describes how Standards and Guidelines are developed from the perspective of a committee member and/or interested party.

ASIS Standards Development Procedures

ASIS Standards Procedures describes the requirements to which ASIS adheres when developing its ANSI standards.

New Project Proposal Form

If you would like to submit a new proposal, please complete the New Proposal Project form and submit to

​​​Commission on Standards & Guidelines

The work of preparing standards and guidelines is carried out through the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Committees and governed by the Commission on Standards and Guidelines. The Commission ensures the development process is voluntary, nonproprietary, and consensus-based, utilizing the knowledge, experience, and expertise of ASIS membership, security professionals, and the global security profession.

Published Guidelines

Business Continuity Guideline: A Practical Approach for Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery (BC)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($88.00 value)

Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline (FPSM)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($92.00 value)

General Security Risk Assessment Guideline (GSRA)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($72.00 value)

Information Asset Protection Guideline (IAP)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($88.00 value)

Preemployment Background Screening Guideline (PBS)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($92.00 value)

Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline (PSO)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($68.00 value)

Trusted Information Provider Annex: A Supplement to the ASIS Preemployment Background Screening Guideline (PBSS)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($74.00 value)

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Guideline (WPV)
Purchase: Softcover
*ASIS MemberFree download ($92.00 value)