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Cannabis Security Standard

As the U.S. cannabis industry expands, so do the opportunities—and risks—for security professionals. From an illegal status at the Federal level and operating largely in cash to a complex supply chain that demands seed-to-sale tracking software and accountability, vulnerabilities are everywhere.

ASIS International’s Cannabis Security Standard ensures you have a plan.

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About the Standard

Senior Security Executive Cover PageOrganizations involved at all levels of the supply-chain of cannabis-related products need to protect their assets and often have additional legal and regulatory requirements to follow due to the nature of the products. Such requirements are promulgated by regulators to serve as a minimum level of security that will be needed for compliance in the jurisdiction within which they operate.

This Standard establishes the need for a cannabis security program to provide a systemic approach to developing, implementing, and maintaining optimal protection measures and continually improving them to address changing risks. Risk assessments lead to basis of design (BOD) documents ensuring PPS elements function to reduce risk as opposed to PPS deployment for compliance alone.

Annex A of this document supplements the cannabis security program by diving into the specifics of individual components that make up a PPS and offers reasoning behind their design and use. Basic PPS requirements are listed as well as options for consideration.

This Standard aims to ensure businesses in the cannabis industry choosing or required by regulation to implement its requirements are secured utilizing current and realistic concepts and modern technology and operations and will likely strengthen their security posture beyond today’s compliance levels.

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