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CPP Study Manual

This study manual is designed to help applicants prepare for the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) certification exam. Created with input from certified experienced security professionals the book explores the seven domains of the CPP and their associated tasks.

About the CPP Study Manual


CPP Study Manual Softcover

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CPP Study Manual eBook

Take advantage of the CPP Study Manual's valuable content anytime, anywhere with the CPP Study Manual eBook.

About the CPP Study Manual

Thousands of security professionals around the globe consider ASIS International’s security certifications essential to their career success. As the gold standard in security management, ASIS International accredited certifications are recognized and esteemed worldwide. The rigor of the certification process requires focus, attention, and a strong commitment to enhance your knowledge and elevate your status within the security management profession. This guide will help you, as a CPP candidate, prepare for the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) examination.

This study guide incorporates the essential elements that will enable you to study and prepare for the CPP certification exam. It is designed to offer personal assessments to help you reflect and determine how well you believe you know the content, a list of recommended resources for additional study at the end of each chapter, and a brief synopsis of information for each domain organized by both task and knowledge statements.

Whether you are a first-time CPP candidate or have taken the exam before, this guide offers information and advice to help you determine your readiness and make the most of your preparation time. It will also help you realize your motivation for pursuing the CPP certification and begin to shape your mental approach. Accomplishing your goal and achieving a successful outcome requires a strong commitment to the process.