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ASIS award recipients model best-in-class behaviors, initiatives and programming throughout the course of the year.

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Certification Profile

Mykola Mikheiev, CPP, PCI, PSP

Mykola Mikheiev, CPP, PCI, PSP, is an active member of his local ASIS chapter in Ukraine, and was the first Eastern European to achieve the ASIS Triple Crown. In addition to the professional advantages of ASIS membership and certification, Mikheiev deeply values the community of ASIS. 

“I am a member of a big family of security professionals,” Mikheiev says. “It’s really a feeling of being a member of a family, of people who are thinking the same, who live by the same principles, and who will support you in case of something—an emergency. This is like an assurance that you are not alone in this world and you belong to something bigger.”

2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Learn more about the ASIS strategic plan, which includes a heightened focus on: 

  • Achieving Recognition for the Profession

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation

  • Elevating the Security Function to Influence Organizational Success

  • Serving Global Needs

Security Management: Focus on Workforce Development

How to Be a Better Mentor

A good mentor can be invaluable. Mentors serve as sounding boards for new ideas, guides for future career moves, and emotional support during times of turmoil and indecision. But not every mentor is a good fit for every mentee, and mentors themselves can always improve their approach and outreach.

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