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Enterprise Security Solutions

Help Your Team Be Prepared

Create a safer workplace for your employees with proven strategies and training programs from ASIS International and the Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS).

Your Organization Could Be at Risk

Murder, aggravated assault, and other violent crimes are on the rise*.

That makes it more important than ever to have a comprehensive violence prevention program in place to protect your employees and ensure a secure work environment. This also protects your organization: Employers without these programs have been found liable, in civil suits and by OSHA, in cases of violent employee conflicts.

Enterprise security solutions, offered in partnership by ASIS and CPPS, provide your company with tools and techniques grounded in security best practices. Explore several easy-to-follow eLearning courses – covering Security Fundamentals and Workplace Violence Prevention Training – that you can invest in for your organization to educate your entire team.

*Source: 2020 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Security Fundamentals

Based on the ASIS Security Awareness Standard, the course empowers employees as stakeholders in personal, workplace, and cybersecurity. Course participants will:
  • Learn essential crime prevention tactics
  • Understand how to prepare for emergencies
  • Discover how to secure their identity, devices, and intellectual property
  • Develop greater situational awareness and recognition of potential threats
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Workplace Violence Prevention Training

These courses integrate standards formulated by ASIS and OSHA with other best practices to help your team:
  • Establish organizational procedures for responding to threats and emergencies
  • Recognize warning signs that someone is progressing toward violence
  • Conduct a detailed assessment in response to reports of troubling behavior
  • Address reported concerns and prevent workplace violence
These courses use the CPPS method, which covers five key areas:
  • Program assessment and policy development
  • General awareness employee training
  • Enhanced training for managers and frontline leaders
  • Threat management team training
  • Senior leadership training

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Free Webinar

Tipping Point: Keys to Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Violence Prevention Program

Sponsored by CPPS, this 60-minute webinar will help you and your security team gain essential tools to identify and prevent workplace violence. You’ll not only learn strategies for developing effective training programs at all levels of your organization—even if your workforce is remote—but also what’s driving the record spike in violence, key components of the updated ASIS/ANSI Standard on Workplace Violence, and the potential liability organizations face without a program in place.

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