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CSO Center

A few of the benefits of membership...

Dedicated programming at the annual conference

Unparalelled networking opportunities with leading global security executives

On-demand benchmarking survey sent to the entire CSO Center membership for expert input and advice

Dynamic inventory of policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, metrics, reports and articles

A new online community for peer to peer discussions and information exchange

The most comprehensive job board exclusively available for senior security executives

Free, expert-led webinars and teleconferences on breaking news

CSO discount on the ASIS member registration free for the ASIS/Wharton Program for Security Executives


Who is Eligible

Qualifying Organizations

Corporation with at least $500 million USD in gross annual revenue or a business unit, division or subsidiary with at least $200 million USD in gross annual revenue

A company that provides security services as its principal business and has at least $300 million USD in gross anual revenue

Significant element of critical infrastructure

Significant government agency or not-for-profit organization

Business, agency, facility or organization deemed to have distintive and notable global or national significance


Qualifying Individuals

A qualifying individual is the highest-level security professional in the organization. Member CSOs may nominate direct reports for membership

Axel Petri

Joe M Olivarez

Steven K Braden, CPP
Brian Hogan
Scott A Lowther, CPP
Lisa M Oliveri
Michael W Osborne, CPP
Don Taussig, CPP
Bryan Weisbard

You're Invited to Join Us

The CSO Center brings together the most senior security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world.

As part of ASIS International, the CSO Center is dedicated to assiting security executives in career development and elevating the status of security professionals in the C-suite and beyond. Having the right skills and knowledge is critcal now more than ever. By joining the CSO Center, you are strengthening your potential for success.

To become a member of the CSO Center, you must complete the application and submit an up-to-date job description and an affirmation letter from your employer stating that you currently hold this position.