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CSO Center

The CSO Center brings together the most senior security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world. 

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CSO Center Membership Benefits

As part of ASIS International, the CSO Center is dedicated to assisting security executives in career development and elevating the status of security professionals in the C-suite and beyond. Having the right skills and knowledge is critical now more than ever. By joining the CSO Center, you are strengthening your potential for success.

A few of the benefits of membership include:

  • Unparalleled invitation-only networking opportunities with leading global security executives
  • Member savings on registration at the 2020 CSO Summit (18-19 May, Washington, D.C.)
  • On-demand benchmarking across the CSO Center membership for expert input and advice
  • An online community for CSO peer-to-peer collaboration and information exchange in ASIS Connects
  • Senior-level security job listings curated exclusively for CSO Center members
  • Free, expert-led webinars and teleconferences on breaking news

Who is Eligible?

Qualifying Organizations

Corporation with at least $500 million USD in gross annual revenue or a business unit, division or subsidiary with at least $300 million USD in gross annual revenue

A company that provides security services as its principal business and has at least $300 million USD in gross annual revenue

Significant element of critical infrastructure

Significant government agency or not-for-profit organization

Qualifying Individuals

A qualifying individual is the highest-level security professional in the organization. Member CSOs may nominate direct reports for membership.

Individuals seeking membership should be in a strategic role, not a sales or business development role.

You Are Invited to Join Us

To become a member of the CSO Center, you must complete the application and submit an up-to-date job description and an affirmation letter from your employer stating that you currently hold this position.

Membership is individual and is not transferable from one person to another. Dues are $500 annually on a calendar basis.

Apply using the online form via the link below or download the PDF application.

Apply Today

CSO Emeritus Application

CSO Life Member Application

Meet a CSO


"The CSO Center allows a lot of us to come together, like-minded individuals, to speak throughout the year and get to know one another."

Michael Allen, CPP, PCI, PSP
Financial Services, Toronto

Annual CSO Summit

The role of today’s Chief Security Officer is changing in extraordinary ways. In addition to assessing risk across the enterprise and supply chain, it is essential for the CSO to engage and advise executive leaders on best practices and SOPs for business continuity and strategic leadership in all disciplines.

Plan to join us for the upcoming 2020 CSO Summit this spring in Washington, DC., where leading security executives from the largest and most influential global organizations gather for three days of intensive idea sharing, problem solving, and relationship building. Stay tuned for dates and further details. You won't want to miss out!

The 2019 CSO Summit Executive Summary.

2019 CSO Center Advisory Council

Joe Olivarez (Jacobs Engineering)

Scott Lowther, CPP (PetroChina)

Lisa Oliveri, CPP (Education Development Center)

Axel Petri (Deutsche Telekom AG)

Brian Hogan (Amazon)
Anders Noyes, CPP (Skywalker Properties)
Michael Osborne, CPP (Kinross)
Brian Reich, CPP (CIT Group)
Bryan Weisbard (Intuit)

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