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Secure Horizons: 2023 CSO Center Executive Summary

Secure Horizons: An Immersive Experience for Senior Security Executives is an exclusive, invitation-only in-person experience for CSO Center members. The CSO Center, powered by ASIS International, is offering an exclusive two-day intensive program prior to GSX which will provide CSOs an opportunity to contribute to high-level content, discussion, and networking through designed collaboration, experiential learning, and contemporary case studies.

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Aim for Authenticity at CSO Secure Horizons

At 2023 Secure Horizons, executives homed in on how the current global threat landscape has turned security leadership on its ear.


3 Keys to Effective, Strategic Communication

Whether security professionals are presenting information in-person, virtually, through spoken word or written communication, their message, delivery, and audience must all match up, says Lida Citroën, executive branding expert, CEO of LIDA360, and the facilitator of the 2023 CSO Secure Horizons event at GSX.


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For an Impactful Elevator Pitch, Aim to Connect Emotionally

Leveraging emotion and storytelling can help security executives connect more fully with a wider audience, earn buy-in, and build relationships. Stories that are personal and confident are memorable.


Advice on the Record: Tips for CSOs Interacting with Journalists

“CSOs can educate communications professionals within their own organization on key security initiatives, programming, and innovations—adding value to that relationship,” says Andy Cutler, Vice President of Communications at ASIS International and a 2023 CSO Center Secure Horizons speaker.


About the Event

The face of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) is changing. CSOs are leading in more non-traditional industries, with varied work styles, personalities, goals, and backgrounds than ever before. Secure Horizons, a new CSO Center member exclusive program was created to meet the needs of this developing and diverse group.

Intentionally designed through a senior security executive lens, the two-day experience encouraged insights, skills, and networking to elevate the status of security professionals in the C-suite and beyond.

In an inclusive and welcoming environment, the CSO program will provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to high-level content, discussion, and networking through designed collaboration, experiential learning, and contemporary case studies to include the following topics:
  • Executive Presence
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Storytelling and Effective Communications
  • Trust, Mistrust, and Credibility

Build Your Global Network and Raise Your Profile

The CSO Center for Leadership & Development is leading the way in the development of best practices, risk mitigation, and the future of security management by advancing the role of senior security executives around the globe. Take full advantage of your CSO Center membership by joining CSO Huddles, accessing exclusive collections of resources, and more.

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