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With today’s businesses becoming more global, complex, and connected, threats don’t stop at the border. Neither should your security network.

ASIS European membership covers almost all corners of the continent and comprises CSOs of major corporations, their regional directors and functional specialists, plus expert advisors, and innovators in security and risk management.

From local chapter meetings to ASIS Europe, the association’s annual flagship regional event, and ASIS Connects—our 24/7, robust, online member community—ASIS gives you unmatched reach for networking and collaboration.

A monthly regional newsletter EuroDynamics keeps members up to date on key developments within ASIS plus relevant EU regulatory news highlights.

  • Chapters are the heart and soul of the ASIS community, creating professional development and networking opportunities at the local level. Get connected with one of the 25 ASIS chapters in Europe.

    View an overview of the European Regional Leadership.

  • ASIS Europe’s online, regional community allows members across the region to connect, collaborate, and create a strong network for European security professionals. Ask questions, share resources, and stay informed on cross-border and region wide issues.

  • Open to all ASIS members at any job level, the Professional Development Community's Security Leaders Mentoring Program connects security professionals worldwide to a wealth of resources, advice, and guidance through one-on-one connections.

  • ASIS Europe 2022 will return in person in Prague on 22-24 May 2022. The onsite event will be supplemented with online events on 28 April and 12 May. Don’t miss this meeting of minds for established and aspiring security leaders!

  • Global Security Exchange (GSX) is the security profession’s leading global event bringing access to the expertise, connections, and innovations our community of global security professionals needs to serve as valued leaders and trusted advisors in today’s complex and rapidly evolving enterprise security risk management landscape.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed and Learn

ASIS content is peer-driven and designed to support security professionals in their role as trusted business leaders and advisors. Hear direct from global thought leaders, CSOs, and leading experts with our year-round calendars of events and online learning programs.

Plus, take advantage of free access to research, standards, and guidelines—our library is constantly being updated to address today’s fast evolving risk landscape.

To complement the exceptional ASIS Europe – From Risk to Resilience conference program and regular Chapter meetings, ASIS is investing heavily in online content, so this knowledge is as mobile as you are.

Advance Your Career

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, or you’re a leader seeking the best talent for your team, ASIS cultivates talent and opportunity. Our portfolio of globally recognized professional certifications reinforce core competencies and expertise, and are highly valued, especially for those working in international environments.

ASIS is committed locally, regionally, and globally to encouraging greater diversity across the security profession with dedicated Women in Security and Young Professionals initiatives, plus student membership for only $20 USD.

If you are transitioning into security as a second career, ASIS gets you in touch with thousands of peers who have successfully made the same step.

At the annual regional event, ASIS Europe, a dedicated Career Centre track provides career coaching, and insights from leading European professionals.  To make sure this advice is available whatever career stage you are at, it is free to attend, together with multiple networking functions and a Women in Security and Young Professionals breakfast.

Member Stories

Dr. Nicolas Le Saux, CPP

"And I've been able to rely on the network a lot of times, over the last few years. I remember a time when I was working in eastern Europe in the Czech Republic and I wanted to check a specific security legal point with our supplier, and I just used my telephone to ask a question to an ASIS colleague who was from the Czech Republic; and in five minutes, during the conversation, I had the answer I'd looked for and was able to deal with the issue with my supplier right on the spot."

Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP

"One of the first things I had to do when I transitioned from the military into a retail company was a large multi-site camera project. Now I did have some basic knowledge about cameras, having used them myself in the military, but managing sizeable projects for acquisitions and implementing camera systems was something else so I needed very quick information on how to do that and support as well on how to do that and thanks to my contacts with ASIS International, I was able to get that information, I was able to get that support and this is what really pulled me through that first project which was immensely important for me."

Lynn de Vries, CPP, PCI

"I think ASIS is definitely evolving. We are moving from a typical American organization to a global organization. We have our local chapter network set up. We've got the regional network set up, but now we are really moving into becoming a global organization and like I said, now you have access to resources all over the world. My message to someone outside of America looking at this organization would be to join their local chapter to start interacting with their local chapter. With that they'll get into some regional activities and in the end they will also see the value of an American based organization like ASIS."

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