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December 2019

Global Management: How Security Is Changing in West Africa

Security management is truly a global profession. Every region of the world has threats that need mitigation; every organization has people and assets that need protection. But the practice of the profession is also influenced by local conditions—culture, business practices, economic conditions, type and severity of threats—that differ from region to region.

Here, interviews with two security managers, one in Nigeria and one in Ghana, reveal the progress that the profession has made in the region—and the challenges ahead.

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The Faults in 5G

As the world prepares for the final rollout of 5G, some nations are more prepared to address vulnerabilities than others.

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The Faults in 5G

As the world prepares for the final rollout of 5G, some nations are better poised to address the security vulnerabilities that come with the new generation of bandwidth.

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Book Review: Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online

Featured in the December Issue

How does access to the Internet impact the economy, and what are the economic effects of a lack of trust? For that matter, who is watching?
Look Who’s Watching: Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online is a remarkable book that attempts to answer these questions.



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