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Robotic Vessels Roam the Seas

On any day, Ocean Infinity's fleet of marine robotic equipment including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are searching the world's seas to acquire and analyze data on behalf of governments, energy companies, and scientific organizations. The company is a pioneer in the use of marine robotic vessels equipped with high-tech sensors.

To authenticate fleet operators and control access to its remote operations center, the company is using iris-based biometric authentication for high-level, two-factor identity authentication.

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December 2021: Tough Questions on Biometrics, Security Research, and Insider Threat Assessment

“The good old password really has run its course,” says Dave Lewis, Cisco global advisory chief information security officer. So what replaces it? Multifactor authentication with biometrics can raise security levels, and its use is trending up, demonstrating an evolutionary step up in identity and credential management.

Also in this month’s podcast, Glen Kitteringham, CPP, and podcast host Chuck Harold discuss the value of academic research to security professionals and—most importantly—how to put it into practice. Paul Wood, CPP, explains how taking a proactive, empathetic approach to threat assessment can identify and address insider threats while improving organizational morale.

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Security Technology: Facial Recognition Freeze Frame 

Faces. Irises. Fingerprints. These are staples of the biometrics collection world that are being increasingly used in new technologies, despite pressure from regulatory regimes and privacy and civil liberties advocates to curb their collection in public spaces. The December 2021 issue of Security Technology takes a deep dive into use cases across the globe, as well as recent regulations in Europe and the United States that place prohibitions on facial recognition technologies.


Where does AI intersect with retail security? What’s the difference between analytics and analysis? How is edge computing making cameras smarter? Hedgie Bartol from the ASIS Retail Asset Protection Community breaks it down.

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Book Review: Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19

Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19

Featured in the November/December Issue

In Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19, author Robert Slade uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a method to examine the core areas of information security.



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