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Designing Safety Training That Sticks

Developing more effective security and safety training relies on connecting with trainees on emotional, cognitive, and behavioral levels.

The challenge of making safety training stick has plagued trainers for decades, and the reasons behind disengaging training are obvious. According to Tristan Casey, chief scientist at health and safety firm Work Science, safety training is particularly challenging for companies because it ticks many of the boxes that make people disengage from the information: training is mandatory, which can trigger pushback; there are limited ways to practice safety responses shortly after training, so people forget quickly; and safety training is often bureaucratized, with a perceived goal of surface compliance—not true engagement. And lastly, safety behaviors—whether helpful or unhelpful ones—can be highly embedded in workers after years of practice, and it can be challenging to break or tweak those habits, Casey says.

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Cannabis products can be a life-saving treatment for many people, and people should be able to access that treatment securely—and employees producing those products should be kept safe and secure as well, says Carrie Goetz, PSP, principal and CTO of StrategITcom and steering committee chair of the new ASIS Cannabis Security Community. Goetz and other ASIS members are working on producing a new standard for cannabis security to help guide operators make risk management decisions amid a variety of compliance requirements.

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Security Technology: High Potential—The Marijuana Market Embraces Technology

Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, and numerous U.S. states have legalized recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in the past few years. With legalization, however, come regulations for securing growth centers and dispensaries. The April issue of Security Technology takes a look at the technologies that are being implemented in response, the security risks associated with the market, and how practitioners are learning to adapt.

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