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The Active Shooter That Wasn’t

On a sleepy Saturday morning in 2008, the actions taken in a span of 18 minutes were the difference between tragedy and just another sunny day in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Fortunately for the people at a mid-sized hospital there on 12 April, it ended up being just another sunny day.

But it wasn’t entirely fortune. When Michael J. Barrett entered the hospital through an employee entrance carrying a concealed weapon, it wasn’t fortune that led a cafeteria worker to notice something unusual, approach the man, confirm her suspicions that this was indeed unusual, and go straight to security to report it. That was security awareness training.

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“A battle not fought is a battle won,” especially when dealing with fans, paparazzi, and other elements of a celebrity’s life, says Jerry Heying, CPP. In this episode of SM Highlights with Chuck Harold, sponsored by Genetec, learn more about managing security for celebrities in an increasingly scrutinized world. Also, Scott Thomas from Genetec outlines the current threat from organized retail crime, and Stephanie Clarke from KeyBank and the ASIS Banking and Financial Services Community discusses security for ATM vestibules and training to keep bank branch employees safe.

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Where does AI intersect with retail security? What’s the difference between analytics and analysis? How is edge computing making cameras smarter? Hedgie Bartol from the ASIS Retail Asset Protection Community breaks it down.

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Book Review: Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19

Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19

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In Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19, author Robert Slade uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a method to examine the core areas of information security.



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