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Utility Streamlines Perimeter Monitoring with Integration

“Prior to the upgrade itself, Hydro One’s physical security system was nearing end of life and was non-integrated, predominantly an analog-based physical security system,” says Ben Blakely, chief security officer and vice president of security operations for Hydro One.

While the legacy systems included proprietary access control, the lack of integration meant that it was separate from video, intrusion detection, and intercom systems in Hydro One’s facilities, forming gaps in situational awareness.

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September 2021: Insider Threats and Insider Care, Plus Bystander Intervention

“Access rules the landscape—every attacker wants it, and every employee has it,” says Jon Ford at Mandiant, who joins this month’s episode, sponsored by Alert Enterprise, to discuss insider threat elements and how to address risks and resilience. Also in this episode, Willem Ryan shares insider threat vs. insider care guidance, and Emily May breaks down the options available to bystanders who could intervene in harassment.

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Crime prevention can help organizations proceed on the path to success by addressing criminal threats before they can disrupt operations. Oscar Villanueva, PCI, takes us back to basics—building plans for physical and personal security.

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Security Technology: Critical Infrastructure Insights

With the rise of the smart city and Industrial Internet of Things, more critical infrastructure is being connected to the Internet while simultaneously being pushed to the limits to meet demand in the face of climate change. The August issue of Security Technology focuses on how critical infrastructure security—and the technology that supports it—are changing to address this new normal.

Disease Outbreak Security Resources

Disease Outbreak Security Resources

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has had a major impact on the security and business continuity of organizations around the globe. In light of the outbreak, ASIS has curated useful resources for security professionals.

How to Avoid Pandemic-Related Litigation Risks

Worries over workplace safety in the COVID-19 era, as well as concerns about the impacts of business closings, plant shutdowns and mandatory stay-at-home orders, spawned more than 2,000 lawsuits from January 2020 through March 2021.

ASIS Calendar of Events

As the preeminent organization for security management professionals, ASIS International offers a dynamic calendar of events to advance your professional development. From executive education to global exchanges, our events work together to help you reach new heights in your career.

Book Review: Intermodal Maritime Security: Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Featured in the September/October Issue

The complexity and importance of maritime shipping and port operations remains a mystery to many people not involved in the industry. 



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