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The Physical Ramifications of Cyber Response

Human beings need to sleep. Adults, specifically, need seven to nine hours of sleep to feel recharged and to prevent serious health problems. When people don’t get enough sleep, there are ramifications. They are less alert, their memory doesn’t function as well, their relationships might feel stressed, and they’re also much more likely to be in a vehicle crash.

Yet, when a security incident occurs, many incident responders feel the need to work extreme hours to help their organization mitigate the damage and move forward in the recovery process.

“I’ve seen horrendous instances of people not sleeping for three days,” says Laurance Dine, global lead of incident response for IBM Security X-Force. “It’s very simple to say that after the first 24 hours without sleep, you’re useless. You’re not helping anybody.”

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The CISO’s Next Frontier: AI, Post-Quantum Cryptography

Featured in the September/October Issue

When it comes to computer security, the times are constantly changing. That is one of the most challenging aspects of security—by the time you finally secure something, numerous new threats have arrived.

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The guarding industry faced a perfect storm of personnel challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s still recovering from the labor shortfall, says Leon Beresford, CPP, PCI, PSP, from the ASIS Security Services Community. So, how can guarding firms and in-house security teams stay competitive and attractive to qualified candidates? It’s time to expand your employee satisfaction and recruitment toolkit.

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