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Conducting Investigations Internationally: Know Before You Go

International investigations require extensive experience and knowledge of the country, as well as awareness of accepted international standards. These investigations often require a team approach. The investigations manager should consider having a small group oversee an investigation, especially in sensitive cases. When selecting international assets, your database will again be critical. A little bit of advance work—for example, keeping records on business contacts and how well they performed—will pay dividends.

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Q&A: Improving Interview Dynamics From Afar

Scot Walker, PCI, chair of the ASIS Investigations Community, talks about how to prepare for remote investigations and interviews, building a rapport virtually, and the benefits for both security and overall organizations of remote work.

Focus on Investigations

Conducting Investigations Internationally: Know Before You Go

Security professionals operating internationally that are also responsible for internal investigations face a complicated investigative minefield when dealing with incidents in unfamiliar territories and legal systems. This calls for a carefully thought-out game plan outlined before you leave HQ.

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Security Technology: Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities

Semiconductor shortages. Trucking delays. Counterfeits and compromises. Cargo ships stuck in canals. Sanctions stopping supplies. Society depends on supply chains, and when they’re broken, stalled, or compromised, the ripple effects are enormous. This issue of Security Technology explores supply chain security, from the technology that’s helping monitor and secure the physical movement of goods to threats to software supply chains to vetting of third-party suppliers and more.

Security Management Podcast

March 2023: Are You Ready for What’s Next? Evacuations, Resilience, and Pitching New Ideas

Do you have the infrastructure, programs, and soft skills in place to adapt to any situation? In this episode of Security Management Highlights, host Brendan Howard speaks with Dale Buckner about mass evacuations and duty of care; ASIS Europe co-chairs Inge Huijbrechts and Gavin Henderson discuss the business case for sustainability and resilience; and Suzanna Alsayed gives some practical advice about how to ready your reputation—and your pitch—to increase chances of buy-in success.

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