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Focus on Extremism and Political Instability

Leaderless Resistance: Understanding and Countering an Amorphous Threat

Relentless counterterrorism pressure has constrained the abilities of extremists of all ideologies, including jihadists, white supremacists/nationalists, anarchists, and single-issue extremists. As a result, they have all adopted the leaderless resistance model of terrorism.

Intelligence to Address Extremism: Look for What Matters Most

Extremism and hate-related criminal activity are on the rise, threatening organizations and endangering security efforts. By employing the intelligence cycle and leveraging the resources you have at hand, it is possible to develop a better picture for you and your key stakeholders.

Climate Change and the Rise of Dark Green Ideologies

In addition to promoting individual conflict, climate change can serve as a driver of extremism, terrorism, civil unrest, and war. Climate-related violence potential exists along the entire extremist continuum from the far-left to the far-right.

Podcast: Ethics in Intelligence

As the New Year kicks off, the volume and complexity of global threats and geopolitics can feel daunting. RC Miles, CPP, offers some guidance on how to gather more actionable, efficient, and ethical intelligence.