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Close up photo of a typewriting with the phrase "Are you Ready" typed on a piece of paper. There is an light blue overlay with circuit imagery over the image. How to recover after a cybersecurity hack.

October 2022

Your Cyber Response Plan Needs These 6 Components

Cybersecurity incidents are no longer a matter of if, but when. Building a good strategy and architecture to deter intrusions is incredibly important in reducing the frequency and severity of incidents, but there is no scenario where any organization is totally immune. That means that every organization must have a plan for what they will do in both their enterprise (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments in case an incident occurs.

‘Pen-Tested’ by a Hacker: What to Believe

Some criminals are posing as penetration testers, offering corporate security reports in exchange for ransom payments. Here’s how to spot the difference between who’s legitimate and who’s a con, and measures to take to protect your networks.

The Physical Ramifications of Cyber Response

Sixty-seven percent of surveyed incident responders reported experiencing stress or anxiety in their daily lives, while others said they experienced insomnia, burnout, and impacts on their social life and relationships.

Woman puts index finger on a circular-futuristic digital pattern. Interconnected circuits extend from opposite sides of the photo illustration.

Be Cyber Aware: ASIS Resources to Aid Your Organization

For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the ASIS Information Technology Security Community and the Security Applied Sciences Community partnered to provide resources and webinars to help make individuals more aware of the changing threat landscape.

Illustration of a man striding through a door in the shape of a 0 along a red wall of binary code. What you need to know about Log4Shell.

Key Learnings from Log4Shell

The Log4Shell vulnerability is “endemic.” But there are steps companies can take to secure the open-source software supply chain and shore up the security of the Internet.

Man installs security camera on the side of a building. How can you enhance your organization’s security systems?

How to Harden Security Infrastructure Against Attacks

Studies and industry security alerts have shown that most organizations do not sufficiently harden and protect physical security systems. Here’s some guidance to get started on enhancing the security of your organization’s security system assets.