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The Future of Security: Navigating Change in Business

Senior security executives (SSE) navigate a constant barrage of change. We share challenges, hardships, and experiences with common limitations stemming from the inadequacy of outdated programs, intrinsic incompatibility, and a lack of alignment or voice across the business.

In today’s maturing business landscape, change management has become a crucial aspect of any project, particularly those that cause significant disruption to people—not just processes and technology.

Are You Leveraging Your Influence?

Soft Skills Reign

Workplace Communication Lessons from a Crisis Negotiator

Technical skills are important, and younger professionals seem to value them highly. But the older officers, security professionals, and tacticians are wise to the importance of a softer approach.
As a former hostage and crisis negotiator, I can attest that soft skills are just as perishable as hard skills. Spending time on the range is important if you want to keep your shooting scores high. Similarly, spending time on the phone is important to keep your communication skills high. Negotiators often train regularly, knowing that the skill is easily diminished and constant practice is important.

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