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Disease Outbreak: Security Resources

The coronavirus outbreak (also known as COVID-19) has had a major impact on the security and business continuity of organizations with significant ties to China. It has also created global travel issues, and its potential spread is a good reason for organizations to re-examine their plans in case a pandemic hits a geographic region vital to that organization’s business interests.


O’Sullivan Shares Secrets to Her Success

When Nóirín O’Sullivan, currently the United Nation’s assistant secretary-general for safety and security, began her career with Ireland’s police force back in 1981, the uniform code for female officers was rather strict.

Great Managers Trump All

Management practices around the world have failed in maximizing human potential, a recent study found. The result is a bleak global workplace situation—just 15 percent of employees are engaged at work.

Under Pressure: Managing Team Wellness

​"How can I keep my overburdened team from cracking up?" The question has increasing relevancy for security managers in the contemporary business world. Continually bombarded with information, these managers also face a growing number of security threats. The collective effect can be serious stress overload.