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Closing/Reopening Facilities

  • Returning to Work the ESRM WayLA-Convention-Center-Conversion.jpg
    As vaccination rates rise, organizations are seriously contemplating whether and how to return to physical workspaces. By leveraging ESRM principles, security leaders can help steer the conversation.
  • Facility Reopening Guidance
    This document focuses on activities organizations can perform above and beyond normal actions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also references fundamental practices that facility management should consider in resuming operations.
  • Ready for Reentry?
    As organizations reopen their facilities, they must be aware of threats that may arise from a lack of human presence during shelter-at-home orders, such as the opportunity for Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.
  • Three Steps to Avoid Security Theater
    Not all risk mitigation measures are made equal. When managers deploy countermeasures without first understanding and addressing the company’s own specific risk posture, they are contributing to “security theater”—a concept that refers to security measures that make people feel more secure without doing anything to actually improve their security.
  • Webinar: Facilities Management: Reopening Concerns for COVID-19 Recovery
    In this webinar, presented jointly by ASIS International and Security Industry Association (SIA), panelists will discuss a risk-based approach to infectious disease response planning and propose a series of enhanced physical security measures that can assist organizations in protecting key areas of their facilities.
  • How to Reopen Your Mail Centers
    In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies shut down their offices and told people to work from home. As they begin to reopen, companies will face several major hurdles in their mail centers.
  • Reopening Guidance for Museums and Cultural Properties (ASIS members only)
    This white paper, produced by the ASIS Cultural Properties Council Museum Committee, provides the cultural properties sector with some guidelines to consider as a part of their reopening strategies.
  • Security’s Role when Buildings are Repurposed as Temporary Medical Facilities
    Convention centers have played an important role in regional pandemic response. Here are some lessons learned from those put into use so far.

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