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Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

In order to maintain our ethical standards, the ASIS Code of Ethics was revised in 2023, informed by global volunteer representatives. In addition to revising the Code of Ethics, the volunteer task force recommended, and the Global Board approved, the addition of a Code of Conduct. During our update discussions, we agreed that ASIS should provide a single repository for ethics related resources, which you will find on this page.  

Introduction and Purpose

As the global task force reviewed the current Code of Ethics, and blinded examples of five years of complaints, several things became very clear. First, as a different, more global organization today, the ability to hear ethics complaints is very difficult given the different cultures and mores of the world being different. Second, given that ASIS has no legal ability to compel cooperation, any true investigation of a complaint is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive. And third, the great majority of the complaints we receive fall into the areas of defamation and business disputes, often between consultants. In fact, the now former Code policies precluded ASIS from acting on matters such as these.

As such, the task force recommended, and the Global Board approved, moving away from an enforceable Code of Ethics, and while adopting a Code of Conduct, as mentioned above, providing a mechanism for removal of membership, under certain circumstances.

Lastly, ASIS members are encouraged to attempt to solve a breach of the Code of Conduct with the parties involved before submitting a formal complaint to ASIS so that is attempted to be resolved without ASIS intervention. A complaint should only be submitted to ASIS if the violation cannot be resolved informally, is dangerous in nature, or possesses a risk to a person, ASIS, or ASIS’ reputation.

What is a Code of Ethics

A code of ethics is an aspirational document that sets principles and guides the moral and ethical decisions for an organization. In the case of ASIS International, our Code of Ethics details the ethical standard to which all security professionals who are members of ASIS must hold themselves.

What is a Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is a set of rules and guidelines that specify the behaviors, practices, and actions that are required of members of an organization. In the case of ASIS International, our Code of Conduct mandates acceptable behavior of ASIS members, partners, and participants of any kind at all ASIS events, including chapter events, community meetings, and Global Security Exchange, and acceptable use of the ASIS brand.