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February 2020 Marketplace

Smart Padlocks

0220mp_abloyusa.jpgABLOY USA offers the PROTEC2 Super
Weatherproof padlock and PROTEC2 CLIQ Connect mobile app to provide high-security locking solutions for critical infrastructure, government, and defense applications. The app allows facility managers to control access rights to assigned keys, with an audit trail for locks and keys. Employees can use the app for updated access permission that is transferred to their CLIQ key.

Panoramic Cameras

0220_mp_vivotek.jpgVivotek launched three new panoramic and multisensor cameras that feature H.265 plus Vivotek’s Smart Stream III video compression technology, WDR Pro, outdoor-certificated housing, and safeguards by Trend Micro IoT Security. Each is designed for versatile applications with various sensors, vertical fields of view, and IR distances, allowing users to increase operational efficiency through a single camera. The newest 180-degree panoramic camera features a compact design with 5-megapixel resolution and a 120-degree vertical field of view.

Smart Door Locks

0220mp_jiipkey.jpgWIKIBOX Inc. developed a new generation of smart door locks, JIIPKEY. Instead of using Bluetooth, JIIPKEY uses encrypted soundwaves as its wireless communication protocol. The corresponding door is unlocked by an encrypted sound file, undetectable to the human ear. Once the file is generated through the JIIPKEY app, the corresponding code is sent to the lock. It also offers users traditional key or keypad options. 

Patron Analytics

0220_mp_marchnetworks.jpgUsed by banks and retail organizations worldwide to extract valuable information on customer service, merchandising, operations, and compliance, March Networks Searchlight helps businesses improve performance and profitability. Integrating surveillance video, relevant business data, and analytics, the software also allows organizations to detect fraud and theft—ultimately reducing investigation times by up to 90 percent. The latest version offers enhanced filtering and customization features, like enhanced transaction pattern detection and personalized reports.

Portable Barriers

0220_mp_deltascientific.jpgDelta Scientific’s MP5000 portable barriers can be installed on concrete, asphalt, compacted soils, or vegetation for certified M50 stopping power—all in 15 minutes or less. The barriers are available in 12-, 16-, and 20-foot openings, and all can be easily towed from one site to another. The MP5000 is self-contained and battery operated, capable of being towed behind a truck or other vehicle.

Gate Closer

0220mp_ddtech.jpgD&D Technologies added a new hinge-closer option to its SureClose ReadyFit line. A patented two-part hydraulic hinge and closer system efficiently self-closes and soft-closes gates up to 180 pounds from a 180-degree swing, allowing an unobstructed passage. The two-closer system maximizes the life and performance of the unit by reducing stress and wear. The built-in anti-back slam feature gradually slows opening gate speed after 90 degrees, preventing damage from aggressive openings.