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Translating Your Threat Assessment Approach

1121COVER.jpgNovember/December 2022 | COVER STORY

Threat assessment and management (TAM) procedures are not universally effective. What is considered common sense in the United States is often received in Europe with skepticism, resistance, and, in some situations, even disdain. A U.S. company’s workplace violence training programs and approaches can fail to find fertile soil in its European branches. Developing and setting up a threat management program to work internationally needs restructuring and reframing to make it more acceptable for different teams.

Illustration of a blindfolded man jumping off of a cliff, a large hand waits below to catch him.

Frameworks for Workplace Debates Help to Build Trust

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. employees surveyed said we are at a point where people are incapable of having constructive and civil debates about issues they disagree on. But when it comes to the workplace, the culture of debate and discussion is quite different.
Illustration of a security manager looking through a telescope on a green background. Tethered to the bottom of the telescope are six labor union workers protesting and carry placards, two are yelling through a megaphone toward the security manager.

Security Amid a Pro-Union Wave

Labor unions are gaining momentum across the United States. But with their resurgence comes an abundance of rules that organizations and security teams must follow to respect workers’ rights.
ASIS CEO Peter J. O’Neil and ASIS President Malcolm C. Smith, CPP, present Danny Chan, director of regional security for Mastercard, with the President’s Award of Merit on stage at GSX 2022.

ASIS News: 2022 in Review

The ASIS Global Board of Directors, both our European and North American boards, volunteers, and headquarters staff have been hard at work in advancing the profession and supporting the needs of our global membership over the past year.