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Image by ASIS International

GSX 2022 Product Showcase

Check out the latest security technologies, services, and solutions in this special edition product showcase.

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360 Dashboards.pngSolutions Management

Securitas’s technology life-cycle management tool, SecureStat 360, offers an overall view of a company’s security assets, from product installation to replacement. This provides visibility into critical, actionable data on security assets’ inventory and health status. Through a dashboard, SecureStat 360 tracks, manages, and reports on a product’s full spectrum of records, including part and serial numbers, firmware updates, installation dates, sold dates, and location—all of which can help users manage, maintain, and upgrade devices. Visit to learn more. Booth #1917

Genetec 2.jpgLicense Plate Recognition

Investigators can now have both clear vehicle evidence plus solar-powered automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology. Genetec announced its AutoVu Cloudrunner, a cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system that detects and analyzes vehicle identification data. The system uses data collected by the new Cloudrunner CR-H2—a solar-powered ALPR camera. The CR-H2 can identify vehicle color, type, and behavior analytics, including estimated speed and direction. Investigators can narrow their search using a variety of vehicle characteristics, even when a license plate number is unknown. Visit to learn more. Booth #4028

Riot Glass cross-section.pngRiot Glass

Easily broken glass can be the weakest link in perimeter security against active shooters, looters, natural disasters, rioters, and thieves. NGS Film & Graphics now offers a solution that can retroactively harden glass and improve building safety and security. Riot Glass is a patented framing and clear ArmorPlast shield system made from a combination of polycarbonate and plastics that denies access from unwanted intruders. The product passed the Miami-Dade large missile impact test, displaying its hurricane-rated protection. Visit to learn more. Booth #4028

WorkstationsVue Paradigm Black-Dual.png

Winsted’s new Vue Workstations are configurable for various security applications and are offered in static or height-adjustable formats. These workstations offer different widths and connecting cabinets for accommodating multi-operator solutions, including a closed version with doors in the base section. The station’s monitors are horizontally and vertically adjustable for ergonomic viewing. All Winsted furniture comes with a customer care guarantee. Visit to learn more. Booth 1911


Humanoid Robotics

ADT Commercial presents support for security guards in commercial environments with humanoid robotics in physical security applications. Developed to supplement or replace existing guarding staff, the robots can autonomously conduct patrols, perform tasks with minimal human oversight, provide two-way communication, operate doors and elevators, interact with employees, and remove hazards or obstructions. Human operators can remotely control the robots through a virtual reality system. Visit to learn more. Booth 2143

ontic image.pngIncident Management

Ontic’s Incidents, Investigations, and Case Management solution is designed for corporate security and investigations teams responsible for researching and managing cases. Built within an always-on platform, the solution helps organizations properly record details and find connections. Key features of the solution include integrated research capabilities, customized access roles to maintain privacy and support compliance requirements and regulations, report dashboards, historical data, connected threat assessment workflows, and more. Visit to learn more. Booth 3355

hazebase.jpgFog Machines

The Base-Guard 12v and 24v are battery-operated safety fog machines. With a unique evaporator technology, Hazebase’s solution has lower power consumption in standby mode, but it heats up in less than two seconds and produces thick, white fog. Active for up to four weeks without reloading, with compact dimensions and low weight, the Base-Guard has various installation options. Numerous inputs and outputs offer the possibility to connect the Base-Guard to an existing alarm system while the fluid tank can create a dense, harmless smoke from a highly concentrated solution, with up to six minutes of continuous fog. Visit to learn more. Booth 1963

MicrosoftTeams-image.pngSecurity Robot Dog

You’re invited to met Yellow, the first-of-its-kind security robot dog specifically designed to provide quick response times and protection. With artificial intelligence and 5G technology, Yellow can detect suspicious elements, recognize them, and generate an alert to a Prosegur Security Operations Center. Yellow complements and extends the capabilities of a security team on the ground while Prosegur’s global network of SOCs can perform intelligent data processing and remotely manage security services and business processes. Visit to learn more. Booth 1831

Edge VMSaaS.JPGVideo Management

Verint’s Edge VMS-as-a-Service is a video management system designed to provide a per-camera subscription with transferable licenses, access to Verint Video Xchange Cloud, and choices to support budgets for capital expenditures and operating expenses. The VMS solution includes a complete hardware warranty and software support coverage, while providing a lower total cost of ownership. This solution offers users a single platform to collect and analyze critical information, accessible on any authorized device. Visit to learn more. Booth 3117

GSX Product Showcase v2.pngAlert Warnings

Samdesk’s global disruption monitoring and real-time alert solution sifts through millions of data points every day online and provides insight for security professionals, allowing users to initiate emer- gency response protocols and protect people, locations, businesses, and other assets. The solution combines artificial intelligence and verification from expert analysts to support users’ security operations centers with incident summaries, media, and consolidated updates of any disruptive events. Visit to learn more. Booth 3311

eclipse.jpgVideo Management

The CompleteView video management system from Salient Systems is an enterprise-ready, open video data platform that offers bandwidth management and enables users to access more cameras. The newest version, CompleteView 7.0, provides the foundation for cloud connectivity, enabling remote management and monitoring of the deployment. Customers can leverage on-premises and cloud access while retaining ownership of data, and the solution’s storage enhancements allows for the creation of storage pools with improved backup and overflow capabilities and new camera-based retention policies. New camera support for multisensor panoramic cameras offers additional capabilities for large spaces. Visit to learn more. Booth 2130

iLobby.pngVisitor Management

iLobby offers solutions for access management for organizations seeking greater control of their facilities, plus oversight of employees and visitors. With millions of users across more than 50 countries and 25 industries, iLobby uses a self-serve kiosk that allows individuals to complete a sign-in process in seconds, while capturing key information and logging all access records reporting and compliance. Visit to learn more. Booth 1335

SSDcameraHanwha.jpgSurveillance Cameras

Hanwha Techwin’s new Wisenet EDGE technology solution combines a dome camera, Wisnet WAVE Server, and on-board recording capabilities into one intelligent device. The new technology is ideal for security environments suited to a serverless system with minimal external hardware. Wisenet EDGE is available with either 1 TB or 2 TB of onboard Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, with a flexible architecture that allows users to record multiple additional cameras to one Wisenet EDGE camera acting as a system’s server. Wisenet EDGE systems can be easily merged, expanding beyond single-camera installations to create multi-site systems connecting dozens of cameras. At GSX, Hanwha Techwin is also highlighting the latest version of its video management system which expands the platform’s focus on two-factor authentication, enhances the UI for advanced object search, enabling the user to encrypt the database, audio source mapping, and adds event backup options. Visit to learn more. Booth 1617

guard-booth-05-051.jpgGuard Booths

Par-Kut guard booths are available in multiple styles and colors and can include many different exterior looks achieved with two-tone paint, brick veneers, various types of glass, and rooftop finals. With these treatments, the booths can complement existing architectural or design elements at various locations, facilities, or organizations. The units can be hardened for bullet resistance and can include elements for blast resistance. The booths can also be built to include a restroom, platform, and trailer mounting. Visit to learn more. Booth 1616

Lectra PS GSX 2021.jpgElectrified Locks

Marks USA’s mortise and cylindrical locks offer customers a way to retrofit standard locksets with wiring that runs right through the hinges—avoiding the need to cut into a door’s filled frame. With latches that are unexposed, the locks can operate in various environments, including stairwell doors with fire alarm integration, mantraps with enterprise access control, receptionist areas, hospitals, and homes or facilities wishing to increase ADA considerations. The locks are 12- and 24-volt compatible and feature a low operating current for cool running. Visit to learn more. Booth 2417

Rendering_paragon copy.jpgMetal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors presents the Paragon—a new walkthrough metal detector that provides specialized programs. The solution offers flexibility for various security environments, including special events, government buildings, mass transit, entertainment venues, loss prevention, and more. The machine is IP65 standard and includes a bright LED display and zone lights on each side that are visible in the brightest sunlight. The Paragon is supported by an Auto Setup function, 66 zones, near-field chip card capability, advanced EM and vibration cancellation, and dual-sided detection. A 1.5 amp-hour battery provides backup power during accidental AC disconnect or power loss. Visit to learn more. Booth 3243

Highway_ (3).pngSmart Cameras

The Azena platform for smart cameras provides ready-to-use artificial intelligence-enhanced video analytic applications, designed to run directly on a smart camera. More than 100 apps are available in the Azena Application Store, an open platform app store for smart cameras that includes solutions for retail, manufacturing, logistics, parking, stadium environments, and more. The Azena camera operating system allows smart cameras to simultaneously run several apps that can be downloaded to the camera and swapped based on specific needs. Visit to learn more. Booth 1931

Security Management Photo_Ameristar.pngBarrier Solutions

Gridlock, Ameristar’s rapid deploy barrier system, can be initiated with a single tool and can achieve several directional changes. The newly designed talon bracket features one-sided installation and a tamper-resistant design. The welded wire steel mesh combines anti-climb and anti-cut features with modest visual screening for an increased security barrier solution. The posts are plated for use with a multi-use ground anchor or a baseplate extension. These posts, along with the mesh, also feature a stackable storage design and can stack 200 linear feet of fence into approximately 9 square feet. Visit to learn more. Booth 2643

PhotoStock_Access-Control-Turnstile_GettyImages-1188684523.jpgAccess Control

Genetec’s Synergis offers a way to modernize a facility’s access control system. Its open architecture minimizes the amount of hardware that needs to be replaced when users need to update their legacy system. Visit to learn more. Booth 1843

constella intelligence.pngDigital Risk

Constella Intelligence offers services in digital risk protection, safeguarding more than 30 million users at some of the world’s largest organizations—including five of the top 10 U.S. banks. Constella offers security teams visibility into external attack surfaces to assess risk, expedite investigations, and act against targeted cyber and physical threats—powered by breach and social data collection from the surface, Deep, and Dark Web, with more than 66 billion curated identity records from 125 countries. Visit to learn more. Booth 2754

AirAccess PR Image 8_21.jpgAccess Control

Alarm Lock announced its new scalable, cellular cloud-based access control ecosystem, built on the foundations of StarLink and Trilogy Networx for connections outside internal networks or IT departments. With AirAccess, users do not have to buy additional materials or upload new software. Instead, the AirAccess mobile app offers mobile connectivity and control, plus SMS notifications—straight to the phone without big hardware or investments in additional personnel. Visit to learn more. Booth 2417

KeyWatcher Touch Product Image.png

Key Control

Morse Watchmans offers a solution for those looking to secure and track facility keys and assets. The KeyWatcher Touch electronic key control system is a modular, expandable solution that can be customized with several key and locker module options. Special features show which keys are out, their due dates, and when they are returned. All key transactions are recorded with automatic email reports instantly available. The KeyWatcher Touch cabinets are built with category 4 hospital-grade 18GA stainless steel panels and are coated with anti-microbial powder. Visit to learn more. Booth 3535

fire-alarm.jpgFire Alarms

NAPCO Security Technologies announced its new FireLink FACP with cloud programming, which offers more convenience and flexibility with the ability to be programmed from any smart device or tablet, plus user-friendly drop-down menus. FireLink Integrated 8-32 Pt Fire Alarm Control Panels start off as an 8-point, all-in-one cellular FACP solution, ready to go right out of the box. The cloud programming offers expansion and customization of the programming and panel across its maximum 32 zones, allowing for any mix of conventional, addressable, or wireless devices. Visit to learn more. Booth 2417

iPad + stand + mobile (1).pngVisitor Management

Traction Guest is a cloud-based enterprise visitor management system that uses a fully customizable sign-in process to safely and securely welcome guests. The solution supports security and compliance efforts for employees, contractors, and essential visitors through the Workplace Security Platform. As a low-code platform, Traction Guest allows users to collaborate, customize, and brand their visitor experience. Visit to learn more. Booth 3950

delayed-exit-w-latch-retraction.jpgSecured Doors

Detex Corporation introduces its Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction as a solution for law enforcement, airport, or healthcare facilities. The patented device integrates with a facility’s access control system and features a smooth pushpad to avoid snagging on clothing or equipment, while controlling access to restricted areas, such as holding areas, nurseries, and certain areas of pharmacy facilities. There are no external magnets, electric strikes, or electric trims, and because everything is contained in the rim device, there are fewer components to install and less risk of malfunction. Any unauthorized entry triggers a 100dB alarm and keeps the door locked for 15 seconds, allowing staff time to respond. Visit to learn more. Booth 4134

NETWAYSP4BTWP-0122.jpgPower Enclosures

Altronix announced that its Trove3 solutions, part of company’s maximum density series of access and power integration solutions, can increase capacity to accommodate more hardware with optional battery and wiring enclosures, allowing for a cleaner installation. The Trove3MBK3 solution also features an angled bracket system that supports up to 36 doors without power or 24 doors with power, and sub-assemblies from a single enclosure for access control installations. Trove3BWC can mount above or below Trove3 enclosures and accommodate up to four 12VDC/18AH batteries. Trove3SWC can mount on the side of the Trove3 enclosures and can accommodate up to four 12VDC/40AH batteries. Both are dual purpose to not only hold batteries but conceal external wires, too. Visit to learn more. Booth 1824

Tando and tile1.jpgIndoor Drones

ADT Commercial’s autonomous indoor drones offer both the surveillance capabilities of traditional fixed cameras while at rest and mobile patrol while in flight. The ceiling-mounted surveillance platform allows security personnel to interact with incidents in near-real time while reducing risk of exposure. Other capabilities are being explored and developed—including thermal imaging, people detection, and object avoidance. Visit to learn more. Booth 2143

display_acs_4_split_2102_Original.jpgVideo Management

AXIS’s Camera Station video management software offers users more features to apply to the data from surveillance systems. The solution has various features, including the ability to narrow search results with object classification, where users can filter by object type, size, and color. The software also supports investigations with video that can be linked to events on data sources, such as license plates or point of sale transactions. Users can also pair physical access control with video footage for monitoring, assistance, lockdowns, and investigations. Visit to learn more. Booth 3343

honeywell.pngFacility Monitoring

Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite provides a global integrated access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection solution to protect staff and property, support productivity, and comply with strict industry regulations. Platform users have access to various features, including Elevator Dispatch and Safety Compliance Dashboard, which assists with managing building capacity and produces occupancy report data. The Pro-Watch 6.0 mobile app offers users access to key features that help keep facilities safe even while security operators are on the move. Visit to learn more. Booth 2527

ASIS 2022_Product Showcase Fall.pngPersonnel Management

Technology from TEAM Software by WorkWave offers a holistic software that can assist with efficiency and operations, helping keep employees engaged, monitor customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions. Streamlined operations, along with top-notch customer service, are how leaders maintain a profitable and scalable security business, especially in today’s market. Holistic software solutions can help users accomplish that while also keeping an eye on the moving parts of a business. Visit to learn more. Booth 1533.

data explorer v2.pngBusiness Intelligence

Data Explorer is a feature of Brivo Access, operating as an open business intelligence tool that provides data visualization and analytical insights about security events, space utilization, traffic patterns, and occupancy trends. These insights can assist customers in making data-driven decisions about building operations, resource deployment, and security policies to match a site’s status or incidents. Visit to learn more. Booth 3031

Continental E-Access.jpgE-Access Management

Continental Access announced the new E-Access, a platform of self-contained controllers with embedded software. Ready out of the box and with no software to load, the solution can work for systems from one to 128 doors and up to 64 panels—by adding a second server, users can increase this to up to 512 doors and 256 panels. Available in one-, two-, and four-door controller models, it offers hybrid access control in a cloud-based system while maintaining aspects of an on-site access system. E-Access also features secure cloud-based remote management, mobile app management, no-touch Bluetooth mobile credentials, and automated credential issuance. Visit to learn more. Booth 2417

Dataminr Geovis.pngReal-Time Alerts

Visit Dataminr at GSX 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, to learn more about some of our new product enhancements around real-time alerting and geovisualization of what incidents matter most to you. Ask our team at GSX for a live demo. Visit to learn more. Booth 3825

KS-OSDP Front Green.jpgServer Cabinet Locks

ASSA ABLOY announced its new KS210 integrated access control server cabinet locks, which offer secure communications, monitoring, and credential options with integrated RS-485 OSDP and BLE technology. Now on the GSA FIPS 201 Evaluation Program Approved Product List (APL), the KS210 offers another way to protect mission-critical data and equipment across the enterprise. Visit to learn more. Booth 2443