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Q&A: Security’s Role During Pandemic Response

Scott Stewart from Stratfor explains how security professionals can leverage their creative problem-solving skills and preparedness to diffuse panic and secure operations and assets during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pandemic Impacts HR issues

Whether employees are working at home or on-site, employers should be aware of various workplace and employment issues raised by COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Global Demand Puts Pressure on Healthcare Supply Chains

In light of potential shortages and rising value of personal protective equipment (PPE), healthcare security professionals can take additional steps to protect these newly high-value items and shore up supply chain vulnerabilities.

Casino Resort Tactical Response Teams

How are casinos maintaining the softness required for guest services while simultaneously keeping up a tough front against an increasing number of public attacks?

The Rising Cost to Insure Security

The Rising Cost to Insure Security

A rash of large insurance claims in the United States has been reshaping the security insurance market, especially regarding security guards and guarding firms.

Tomando Vuelo

​En el condado rural de Grant, Washington, el personal de servicios públicos no sólo protege las subestaciones remotas: también ayuda a responder a los llamados de emergencia de la comunidad.

Cuatro Desafíos Para La Seguridad de La Aviación

Para las agencias de seguridad y policiales, el desafío es llevar a cabo las labores del primer respondiente al mismo tiempo que se identifican amenazas de grandes consecuencias para las operaciones de aviación.

On-Premise vs the Cloud

In recent years, the cloud has transformed how physical security systems are controlled and managed.

The Science of Organizing Security

One critical success factor to advancing asset protection in large corporations is what I call the "technology" of organizing to secure a company's people, critical information, and business strategy.

Four Trends That Will Shape Recruiting in 2018

This year, more employers ​hope to make progress in building inclusive workplaces through diversity recruiting efforts and will continue to experiment with new interviewing and selection techniques.

Securing Special Events

Whether hosted at a sports arena, outdoors, a convention center, or elsewhere, security practitioners are frequently called upon to provide support to large-scale events with sizeable crowds.

Encuentra el Incendio

Pero, además de los magníficos panoramas del campus, el personal de seguridad de la universidad se encontró contemplando frecuentemente paneles de incendio que no funcionaban correctamente.

Recent News & Book Reviews

Global COVID-19 Resources by Region

In an effort to connect security professionals worldwide with the most relevant guidance and statistics, ASIS has compiled this list of resources, broken out by region.

Book Review: The Birth of the FBI

Meticulously researched, The Birth of the FBI: Teddy Roosevelt, The Secret Service, and the Fight Over America’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency is also a fast-paced, engaging narrative that describes the origins of U.S federal law enforcement.

Book Review: Killers of the Flower Moon

Readers join Special Agent Tom White as he uncovers a conspiracy—a culture of killing—that exploited an outdated guardianship system prohibiting Native Americans from administering their own wealth.

Book Review: The Pinks

The Pinks: The First Women Detectives, Operatives, and Spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency is loaded with undiscovered history and told in an easily read, engaging style.