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Illustration by Dan Page

Our 11 Favorite Stories from 2022

Between Today in Security daily coverage, features and departments for print issues, and online exclusives for the Security Management website and Security Technology digital issues, our editorial team writes and edits hundreds of stories each year.

Here are 11 pieces that were their favorite to collaborate on in 2022.

From Associate Editor Sara Mosqueda…


“Serious Fun: Using Social Media to Entertainingly Educate”

How do you get millions of people to pay attention to safety information? Mastering memes can help, according to the strategist behind the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Twitter account, Joseph Galbo.

In a long-ranging discussion, Security Management Senior Editor Megan Gates spoke with Galbo about creating effective safety messaging that engages a diverse online audience for this online exclusive.



“Collateral Damage: Cartel Activity Spills Over into Tourist Resorts”

Although Mexico’s famous tourism hub Cancún has been in the spotlight lately for violent incidents, its crime rates are still significantly lower than many U.S. cities.

In a special content package, Mosqueda looked at how cartel activity intersects with tourist hotspots in Mexico and ways to keep travelers safe.


“What Happens in Vegas Sends a Nun to Prison for Fraud”

After years of embezzling tuition and funds meant for a California Catholic school educating children in kindergarten through 8th grades, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper heeded the immortal words of Kenny Rogers and folded her hand, admitting to U.S. federal charges of fraud.

In her Today in Security, Mosqueda dove into how Kreuper carried out her scam and what ultimately led to her downfall.


“Frozen Progress: Building Winter Storm Continuity in Texas”

Texas is no stranger to extreme weather, including intense heat and record-breaking hurricanes. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), electricity generation usually peaks in Texas during the summer. The annual spike is triggered by residents firing up air conditioners in search of some respite from rising heat—in some areas of Texas, temperatures reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit in 2020.

But in February 2021, a seemingly singular strain on Texas’s power grid occurred. With a polar jet stream and polar vortex generating winter storms, Texan grid operators faced an unusual surge in demand for midwinter power—one they were not prepared for.

In her cover story for the January/February issue, Mosqueda looked at what caused Texas’ near grid failure and what—if anything—has been done to prevent it from happening again.

From Managing Editor Claire Meyer…


“Paper Trails: Tracking Coupon Fraudsters”

One fake coupon may seem like small potatoes to a retailer or manufacturer, but fraudsters are operating in bulk, Meyer explains in her January/February issue News & Trends Department.


“Battle Ready: Maintaining Operations in Conflict Zones”

Si vis pacem, para bellam. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” This phrase, passed down from the time of the Roman Empire, serves as a reminder of the dangers a nation can face, admonishing us that it is through preparedness and a willingness to defend oneself that a country can expect to keep its populace at peace.

Ralph “RC” Miles, global director of safety and security for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), shares what the above phrase means for security practitioners responding to crisis in our July/August issue cover story.


“Remote Work Risk Hits the Road with Digital Nomads”

The number of location-independent workers has increased by 112 percent between 2019 and 2021, and 15.5 million American workers describe themselves as digital nomads.

In her July/August issue News & Trends Department, Meyer explains how security practitioners can navigate the new remote work landscape to keep employees and assets safe.

From Senior Editor/Security Technology Editor-in-Chief Megan Gates…


“Your Cyber Response Plan Needs These 6 Components”

Cybersecurity incidents are no longer a matter of if, but when. Building a good strategy and architecture to deter intrusions is incredibly important in reducing the frequency and severity of incidents, but there is no scenario where any organization is totally immune.

That means that every organization must have a plan for what they will do in both their enterprise (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments in case an incident occurs, writes Lesley Carhart, director of incident response for North America at the industrial cybersecurity company Dragos, Inc., in the cover story for the October issue of Security Technology.


“Targeting All Lonely Hearts”

Romance scams are easier than ever through social media and online dating, and the schemes can be very profitable for fraudsters.

In an online exclusive, Meyer shares the scope of romance scams and red flags to watch out for while you’re looking for love.



“Inside the Investigation: The NTSB’s Culture of Transparency and Integrity”

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board conducts thousands of investigations each year to understand why crashes happen. The process it uses to collect evidence, analyze material, and share recommendations with stakeholders provides best practices for private investigators on the job.

In a Q&A with Brian Curtis, NTSB deputy managing director for investigations, Gates looked at how organizational culture impacts investigations and public perception of their findings.



“Haste Makes Waste: COVID-19 Fraud Capitalizes on Lack of Oversight, Controls”

Pandemic-relief programs were designed to help businesses and individuals stay financially afloat during COVID-19. But billions of dollars may have wound up in the wrong hands.

Gates reviewed watchdog reports and court filings to determine how fraudsters took advantage of loose financial controls to obtain COVID-19 relief funds for her March/April feature story.

Editor's Note: The Security Management office is closed for the holiday break from 23 December 2022 through 2 January 2023. Our team will begin publishing new Today in Security articles on 3 January 2023.

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