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Next Generation Enterprise Security Risk Management

1121COVER.jpgMarch/April 2022 | COVER STORY

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. We live and work in an interconnected world in which machines, devices, sensors, and people connect and communicate with each other. We are surrounded by smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, location detection technologies, advanced human–machine interfaces, cyber–physical systems, cloud computing, authentication tools, fraud detection measures, smart sensors, advanced analytics capabilities, and digital customer profiling. Smart cities are coming online, with operators able to access enormous sets of information to manage systems.

These technologies are transforming the global industrial landscape, and they are changing enterprise security risk management (ESRM) in ways the security industry is only starting to understand.

Retail Theft

Curbing Theft at the End of the Last Mile

Consumers are increasingly encountering a phantom-like threat: porch pirates. These thieves take advantage of the convenience of buying online and having it delivered home, whisking away millions from both consumers and retailers.

The Dual-Use Dilemma: Insights from the Arms Fair

Interception and intrusion cyber capabilities sold by private companies are increasingly being marketed to intelligence and government agencies. New efforts attempt to stop them from winding up in the hands of U.S. and NATO adversaries.

A Digital Dimension of Abuse

Internet usage increased between 50 and 70 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rates of cyber harassment and digital violence against women rose with it.

Editor’s Note: Minding the Smart Meters

Parking has become a science: balancing the cost of parking and the accessibility of spaces to provide a happy medium where consumers gain access to businesses but don’t stay too long. But to find that balance, cities require data.


Included in this month’s solutions are license plate readers, video management solutions, access control systems, and more.