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Battle Ready: Maintaining Operations in Conflict Zones

0722-Cover.jpgJuly/August 2022 | COVER STORY

Si vis pacem, para bellam. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” This phrase, passed down from the time of the Roman Empire, serves as a reminder of the dangers a nation can face, admonishing us that it is through preparedness and a willingness to defend oneself that a country can expect to keep its populace at peace.

For the security professional, the phrase has a slightly different meaning. When you can prepare your organization for the worst, you will have the greatest degree of confidence in your team’s ability to face what comes.

Infographic: As COVID-19 Spread, Gun Deaths Spiked

While the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in 350,000 deaths in the United States in 2020, gun-related deaths spiked as well. The CDC reported that there were 45,222 people died by gun violence in the United States in 2020—the highest number ever recorded.
There is much risk and opportunity that come with pandemics. What opportunities are available the next time one strikes?

Editor’s Note: Risk and Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic bears striking similarities to the 1918 Spanish Flu. But while last century’s pandemic left millions dead, it also resculpted the framework of human life and values.