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July/August 2022 Marketplace. What security products are available this summer 2022?

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July/August Marketplace

0722-Remote-Worker-Safety.jpgRemote Worker Safety

Blackline Safety’s newest series of cloud-enabled G7 wearables can provide connectivity to detect gas leaks, falls, and other health events across workplaces for any kind of employee, from remote workers in the field to on-site factory staff. These small, wireless devices can also be used for contact tracing purposes, analyzing workers’ frequency throughout high-risk areas. As soon as a G7 device connects to a network, it begins logging time- and location-stamped data for safety reporting and analysis.

0722-Network-Switching.pngNetwork Switching

TechLogix Networx expanded its product offerings with the fiber-enabled TL-NS42-POE, which provides gigabit ethernet switching through four twisted pair ports, one fiber SFP port, and one SFP/RJ45 combo port. Along with residential and commercial data networking, it also supports various features for security and access control, including 30W PoE and 12KV surge protection. Additionally, the switch has redundant power inputs with reverse power protection that provide local or remote power.

0722-AI-Video-Cameras.pngAI Video Cameras

i-PRO Co. announced its new i-PRO mini network camera, with a pocket-sized form factor and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics functionality to observe facilities and provide operational business insights. Part of the company’s S-series line, the new and compact design blends into many environments while processing large amounts of data, running up to three simultaneous AI analytic applications. Other features include object, people, and vehicle detection; occupancy monitoring and counting; and a privacy guard feature that can pixelate faces or whole individuals, remaining GDPR-compliant.

0722-Video-Recorders.pngVideo Recorders

Speco Technologies announced the release of its fully NDAA-compliant HD-TVI digital video recorders, D16VN. The 16-channel recorder offers storage capabilities, ranging from 2 to 10 terabytes. The D16VN can record resolutions of up to 4 megapixels at 10 frames per second, plus UTC function that allows for zoom, focus, and OSD control over coax. The recorder is also equipped with two-way audio communications and is compatible with Speco’s Digital Deterrent technology, which triggers during sensor or motion detection. Another feature of the D16VN is EZ Search, which allows users to sift through hours of recordings in seconds.

0722-Network-Switches.jpgNetwork Switchers

ComNet Products from ACRE introduced an all-gigabit hardened switch that can act as an unmanaged switch or aggregation point for a network. The CNGE6FX2TX4PoE is a six-port switch that includes four Gbps TX ports, which support the IEEE802.3at standard and offer up to 30 watts of PoE to powered devices. The switch features a dedicated FX/TX combination port, plus a single FX SFP which can act as an additional port or an uplink port—all of which provide the user with extra options for managing network traffic. The switch can be used to support unconditioned environments and support perimeter surveillance.