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Security Spotlight

​​​​Welcome to Security Spotlight—a monthly feature highlighting ASIS resources on specific topics in security management. Some resources are free for all and others are ​members-only content.

February Spotlight focuses on Crisis Management​​​

Who defines what any company considers to be a crisis? To the CEO, a crisis could be the unauthorized media release of proprietary strategies for new product development. To the CFO, a crisis would unfold if headlines exposed an internal scandal that lead to a decline in the company’s stock price or customer support.

But to the company’s Chief Security Officer, all these scenarios are a crisis. And the security team has a compelling opportunity to take the lead in managing these situations.

In this month's Security Spotlight, ASIS offers resources that give guidance on how to prepare appropriate crisis management plans, assemble a crisis team to implement those plans, and train employees on how to respond in a crisis. Most importantly, the authors and speakers offer ways to convince the C-Suite to buy into the need for an ongoing and well-funded crisis management program.

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