Beyond Borders: Uniting for a Safer World

ASIS International’s Path for Global Growth and Inclusivity

ASIS members, volunteer leaders, and our valued global partners collaborated to define a strategy to grow our community with an emphasis on global outreach to connect the collective brilliance of all security professionals.


To ensure a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach, ASIS engaged an internationally acclaimed consultancy who specialize in designing and building more focused and resilient organizations.

This strategic partnership brought an additional layer of expertise, rigor, and a global perspective to our planning process and was instrumental in aligning our strategic objectives with best practices, global trends, and innovative business models, enhancing the robustness of our strategic plan.

Together, we embarked on a journey of introspection, analysis, and visioning. The result is a strategic plan that not only reflects the aspirations of our association but also positions us as pioneers in the global security domain.


We create a safer world in which to live, work, and play by uniting security professionals globally to grow resilient communities.


Members and volunteer leaders from across the globe actively participated, sharing their unique perspectives and invaluable insights.

The wealth of knowledge harnessed from this diverse pool has not only enriched our strategic vision but affirmed our commitment to inclusivity and diversity and reinforced the truly global nature of our association.


Our strategic direction is centered on cultivating a dynamic community that nurtures collaboration and knowledge exchange – in the role of the facilitator. It is imperative that our organization actively promotes engagement and delivers significant value to its members. Strengthening our network’s reach and credibility is achievable through the role of the Facilitator.


01. Collaborative Expansion
Identify collaboration partners and work together to increase our portfolio of customized content, programs, products, and services.

02. Diverse Team Enhancement
Invest in a global, diverse team to enhance regional support of ASIS members and constituents.

03. Data-Driven Growth
Utilize data-driven technological resources to grow and facilitate community.

04. Segmented Expansion
Define new membership segments and develop new products and services to meet the needs of this broader community.

05. Security Redefinition
Redefine the role of security as a value add and business imperative.

ASIS Strategic Plan: The Path Forward