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The Attacker Mentality

September 2019 | COVER STORY

Through focus, patience, and nonlinear thinking, malicious actors create new paths into organizations across multiple attack surfaces—virtual, physical, and human. The attacker mentality is difficult to grasp without a fundamental shift in perspective, but defenders need to use attackers’ own tactics against them.

In this article, Val LeTellier breaks down what traits make attackers successful and how organizations can leverage those characteristics for more proactive security.

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Women’s War

New studies illustrate the expanding and multifaceted role of women in terrorist activities, and their effectiveness in mitigating it.

September 2019 ASIS News

GSX is the culmination of everything we do at ASIS International. What’s more, the event plays a major role in how ASIS gives back to the security profession.

Three Sources for New Security Talent

Not all security recruits need to be security experts. With the talent gap widening and necessary skill sets skewing toward business acumen, leaders are looking to other industries or departments to find fresh insight.